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Thanks again, everyone. Such nice comments... they really made my day. Kiwi, especially, you're the best.

And to my neighbor on Mole Street, do come visit me at my blog.. I'd love to chat more sometime!

Elizabeth Kevin's Eclectic Very Narrow Rowhome House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
11/13/09 12:10 AM

To Miss Philly19103, thanks so much for the nice words. The house is not a classic Philly trinity... it's a mostly re-built 3-story row house.

The pineapple lamp in the guest bedroom is from K-Mart. It comes in a hideous bronze finish and costs about $25. I repainted it using "Sour Apple" high gloss acrylic spray paint from Lowe's.

Elizabeth & Kevin's Eclectic & Very Narrow Rowhome House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
11/12/09 02:18 PM

Thanks so much to Kristin from Apt Therapy for photographing and writing about my house, and to everyone else for their great comments! It's very flattering.

Aaron is right that you can get a better sense of the layout in the pics I submitted from last year's Fall Colors contest, and there are also many photos on my blog. It's tough to get full room shots, but can be done given enough time to figure it out.

To Black Francine, thanks for the sweet comments! The Big Lebowski painting is by Jude Buffum (, a Philadelphia artist.

To Mo-Mo, yep, the collage is a collection of Japanese matchbooks from the early 70s, collected by my dad when he was in the military.

And finally, I even agree that the Keep Calm poster is a bit passe. Of course, it is only one of about a million pictures hanging around my house. If I had known this particular one was going to be featured so promimently, I would have taken it down for the shoot! ;)

Elizabeth & Kevin's Eclectic & Very Narrow Rowhome House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
11/12/09 02:10 PM

Thanks so much to all of you for the sweet comments!

To lovelyrita, do you mean the little side table with the bird on it? If so, it's an Eames LCW Tray Table - it is the matching piece to the Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair, but Knoll doesn't manufacture the table anymore... :(

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Elizabeth's Cozy WallBefore and After
2/21/09 09:59 AM

Great chair! Great dog!

Apartment Therapy New York | Roomark: Brandyce's Front Hallway
12/20/08 07:39 AM

Thanks everyone! You are right, the bolster is from Ikea. It was from their summer outdoor collection.

Apartment Therapy New York | Roomark: Elizabeth's Guest Room
12/11/08 07:03 PM

Thanks so much to everyone for such nice comments!

Atlantadesigner: I purchased the ottoman at a vintage store and recovered it in an inexpensive cotton twill zebra fabric...

Susu: The daybed w/ attached end table was from Ikea, but I believe they discontinued the style

Craftypants: The wallcolor in the livingroom is Valspar "Rising Tide"

Alitris: Sorry if the pics weren't oriented properly! They were fine when I sent them, but then I have a feeling my Mac might flip them for me automatically...

Apartment Therapy New York | East #55: Elizabeth and Kevin's Cool Shades
10/15/08 01:50 PM

I think it can work. Personally, I like white appliances if they are new and modern looking. In my kitchen, the oven and dishwasher are white and the frig is stainless. It works because all the other accents (drawer pulls, faucet, switch covers) are stainless and because the frig is very sleek and doesn't have black plastic handles/sides.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Mixing White and Stainless Appliances?
7/29/08 12:19 PM