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$350 for a GoT mobile? you'd have to have the fortunes of a Lannister to afford it.

For Baby Geeks: The Best Nerdy Mobiles Roundup
5/9/13 03:52 PM

you forgot the most important instruction after ....Place the gold powder in a medium stainless steel bowl and add the tequila......
drink rest of tequila.....

Spring Treat: How To Make Golden Chocolate Easter Eggs
4/6/12 11:14 AM

I hate doing the dishes so I always refuse when anyone offers to help, that way I don't feel bad when I don't offer in return. selfish I know, but I'm completely honest about it - so I'm ok with it. The same also goes for moving and painting. I won't ask you to help me to do either, please, in return don't ask me to help you.

Do You Let Your Dinner Guests Help with the Washing Up?
2/6/12 10:34 AM

I just went through the selling process and I can totally relate to the last minute dash to clean up. I found that the we never show'd on Monday (maybe people were tired from the weekend?) and that was our largest meal. we had a schedule; roast chicken or beef mondays, chili tuesdays, sandwhich wednesdays, lasagna Thursdays, left over Fridays and free for all on the weekend.

I would highly recommend having pre-made cookie batter in your freezer or frozen apple pie. once you recieve the call that people are coming over comes in, pop those bad boys in the oven (even if it isn't pre-heated - they aren't really for eating as much as they are for the aroma) as you are dashing around with the last minute pick up the smell of cookies or hot apple pie will permeate the house. there is no comparison to candles. our realtor mentioned that everyone that viewed our house always commented on how nice it smelled. fresh brewed coffee also works in a pinch.

good luck selling.

Healthy Meals That Are Quick to Cook and Easy to Clean Up?
Recipe Questions

2/6/12 10:30 AM

I am an absolute sucker for photos, in progress photos are even better! I won't cook with mushrooms, my hubs is not a "fun guy" and he also has the palate of a three year old so I'm limited... but if it has a photo and commentary regarding the origins of the dish, an attainable ingredient list and a prep time that doesn't span days, I'm sold.

What Attracts You to a Recipe?
1/30/12 12:48 PM

for overnight guests, we can fold up the beast and move the guest bed and other furniture back to their normal spots....
are you kidding!??! if there was a remote chance of that being my overnight accommodations, I'd be the guest that never left!

Why Ugly Is Okay Sometimes
1/5/12 03:57 PM

I just purchased 2 dining room chairs from the DWR outlet, unfortunately I can only afford two, I'm saving for 4 more. anyway, I contemplated purchasing a mathcing bench for one side of the dining room table that way I'd only need to save up for 2 more chairs. but after Thanksgiving dinner, I'm glad I didn't purchase the bench. I'm old and just like Mid-C Frank said I need back support! Benches are great for quick dinners but if you intend to linger, you might reconsider.

Bench Pressing: The Case for a Bench at the Dining Table
11/28/11 03:07 PM

get your financing in place BEFORE you start looking. nothing is worse than falling in love with something that you can't afford and on the flip side, having your financing in place gives you exceptional leveraging power.

true story; we had everything in order (pre-approval, 20% down etc.), we found something we liked bid well below asking price with the note that we could close in 14 days. they recieved other offers (one at full price) but went with ours because we had everything in order and closed within 2 weeks of our offer.

What Advice Would You Give to First-Time Homebuyers?
10/3/11 03:39 PM

I worked for an interior plant company in NYC we'd be doing installations and I swear they'd be digging them up and stealing them as we moved down the line.

for the big stuff we'd use cable locks threaded around the root systems and then up around the trunks. (it goes without saying all the trees were daisy chained together.) for the accidental thief this deterred them but for someone intent on taking your stuff, they usually had clippers.

pots and benches are bolted down to the ground or tethered to fencing.

for display plantings (behind glass walls or in areas not directly adjacent to pedestrians) we used coyote pee. That stuff REEKS! totally keeps people from stealing until it rains and washes it away.

the woman down the street from me that has the most magnificent holiday lawn ornament displays (seriously every holiday has a different display and the are MAGNIFICENT in their kitchiness) has a close circut camera set up with the TV screen clearly visible from the street with a big sign that says "Make sure you wave for the camera". effective. (I asked)

Stop! Thief!: Dealing with Stolen Garden Plants
The Gardenist

6/29/11 04:28 PM

best decision?
raising the countertop height 2" above normal (no more aching back!)
worst decision?
moving about 4 months after the reno was complete.. :(

Kitchen Renovations: Best Decisions & Biggest Regrets
5/17/11 03:30 PM

my favorite part was the dragon dancing around!
but then again, what few I have remaining are color ordered now a kindle reader!

Organizing the Bookcase
2/25/11 03:13 PM

wow, that looks FANTASTIC!

Before & After: Adding Style to an IKEA Karlstad Sofa
2/7/11 02:15 PM

in the third image from Met Home, all I can think of is "the identity of the bather has been protected", this installation is successful in blocking their identity when they stand up from the tub but it leaves all the important bits open to view! LOL don't think that example is exactly offering privacy mentioned in the post.

I hate the mirror in image 1 it is way too large and blocks out so much light. I think the key to successfully executing this idea is finding the right balance.

Space Solutions: Hanging Mirrors Over Windows
Young House Love

1/25/11 11:57 AM

I usually put the candle holders in the freezer, that way all the wax comes out once its frozen.

How to Remove Candle Wax From Fabric & Carpets
1/11/11 04:38 PM

I have a full sized festival rug and it is NOT suitable for high traffic areas. I bought it for my dining room, had it there for less than a month before it started to show wear. Now its a striking addition to a seldom used guest room.

Runners for the Hallway and Entranceway

1/10/11 10:36 AM

Carrie's "closet" was her kitchen that she converted into a closet.

that is a great cat rug!

Bedroom Dressers & Wardrobes for Small Spaces
Shopper's Guide

1/6/11 11:57 AM

I'd do white patterned tin ceiling tiles. affordable, lots of patterns to chose from, super easy to clean and more visually interesting than subway tiles. not to mention diy'able

Backsplash Suggestions for Kitchen Renovation?
Good Questions

12/16/10 10:34 AM

swatch first and color "primer" will change the tint of your paint.

Quick Tip: Use Oops! Paint as Primer
12/15/10 04:09 PM

I can't tell how big the globes are but here's a link to a DIY that has glass globes...

but seriously, if some "visitor" came into my house and started talking smack about my decor, they'd quickly be considered a trespasser and asked to leave!

Replacement Globes for this Mystery Chandelier?
Good Questions

12/13/10 04:19 PM

1st Dibs although now I think need to check out lushpad!

Alternatives to Craigslist & eBay for Vintage Sellers?
Good Questions

12/10/10 10:42 AM