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I absolutely love everything! One of my favorite House Tours. I have to plan a trip to Hammer and Spear since I'm in LA.

Scott & Kristan's Inspiring Arts District Loft House Tour
7/16/14 12:44 PM

I just watched an episode of The Chew today where Curtis Stone showed how to get a nice sear on a piece of salmon. He used a few tablespoons of olive oil in a cold, non-stick pan with the fish skin side down and then cooked it on a medium heat.

It's counter intuitive cause you think that super hot equals nice crispy skin which is what I usually do but then the fish cooks so fast before the skin gets crispy.

I'm going to try his method from now on since it looked amazing.

How Do I Get Fish To Not Stick To The Pan? Good Questions
5/29/14 09:45 PM

Happy Birthday AT! One of the best sites on the web.

Apartment Therapy is 10 Years Old! Enter the Birthday Bash Sweepstakes From Apartment Therapy & Serious Eats
5/12/14 02:25 PM

I'm in love.

Dr. Kyle's Achromatic Industrial Loft House Tour
5/6/14 11:37 AM

One of my favorite House Tours. So elegant, colorful and modern. Well done.

Chad and Dave's Modern Dream Home House Tour
5/1/14 09:42 AM

I love my cast iron pans. Especially the ones with grills so I can crank up the heat and get a some nice grill marks on steaks. The teflon nonstick one couldn't conduct that kind of heat. I just bought a ceramic nonstick griddle which seams to be a new (to me at least) and hopefully that will be a good addition to my cookware without having to worry about it flaking after a while.

The Complete Guide to Buying, Cleaning & Seasoning Cast Iron Pans
2/24/14 06:52 PM

Great job! I agree with Slangevar that the detail on the doors is very cool and should be highlighted. Even something as simple as taking a paint mark in maybe silver or gold and outlining it

Before & After: A Neutral Credenza Goes Colorful
1/28/14 01:29 PM

Some really helpful info. The only one i can't get on board with is the cloth napkins. The thought of having to wash them every week is not cool.

12 Things Every Home Should Have
1/28/14 12:58 PM

13 out of 20 and I have no idea what that says about me other than judging from the pics, I won't become a fan of death metal anytime soon.

Ikea or Death: Can You Tell Cute Furniture From Death Metal Bands? Adweek
10/17/13 11:38 AM

Glad I could help

Tracy’s Vintage Modern in Manhattan House Tour
8/16/13 02:55 AM


Looks like the artwork could be from the artist, Carlo of Hollywood who did a lot of mid-century art.

Tracy’s Vintage Modern in Manhattan House Tour
8/12/13 04:16 PM

Absolutely love this place! The colors are handled so carefully. The artwork is fantastic.

Lori & Monte's Fun California Modernism House Tour
8/7/13 06:17 PM

I'd go with Clear Blue Sky with a band or stripes of Sweet Baby Boy.

Before: Sarah and Sam Want a Light and Bright Family Room Glidden® Paint's Boldest Before and Afters
7/25/13 10:03 AM

How about a compromise? Obviously, your partner sees more in the print than you do so what about taking it to a printer and getting a nice black and white copy of it. That way, it still has the symbolism that he loves but the intense colors aren't so jarring to you and you can incorporate it easier into your home.

How To Live With a Gift Print That's Totally Not My Style? Good Questions
6/25/13 11:17 AM


Before & After: Lindsay's Filthy to Fabulous Record Cabinet
6/19/13 05:17 PM

I love the addition of the feet. That made such a huge difference.

Before & After: Josh's Thrift to Mid-Century Style Dresser
6/17/13 01:27 PM

I stand corrected. It was Magic Cube before it came to the U.S. so "Rubik's Cube" didn't exist before 1980.

Total Toy Flashback: The 1980s
5/14/13 04:41 PM

You're right Polly. I remember watching people solve the Rubik's cube in record time on shows like That's Incredible.

My favorites back then were Legos, Transfromers and G.I Joes. I could spend all day with them.

Total Toy Flashback: The 1980s
5/14/13 04:02 PM

Thanks everyone for the positive comments.

Spencer, it's all paint. I just put down tape of different widths and painted over them.

David & Graham's Just the Right Size Small Cool Contest
5/12/13 06:45 PM

Great job! I love the wood support beam. It's a nice touch to break up the all white ceiling. Could use another one even if it's only decorative.

Seth & Allison's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/23/13 02:03 PM