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I'm a Feline Pine converter as well. I used to use World's Best Kitty Litter, but switched to the pine pellets because my cats would get white footprints all over the apartment and I didn't want the same problem when moving into a new place with hardwood floors. The pine does a great job of killing the ammonia pee smell, BUT you have to scoop the poop immediately. This is not a problem for me because I scoop daily and since the pee just breaks the pellets into sawdust, this remains a relatively easy system.

If I could, I would get the sifting litterbox which separates the Pine Pellets from the broken down sawdust, but my Special Needs cat HAS to have a giant rubbermaid container (with an entry cut out the side) as his litterbox. I have a secondary "Clever Cat" box in a spare bathroom, which my other cat SOMETIMES uses but they both prefer the giant box instead.

Some people have complained that their cats turn the pine pellets into toys they scatter all over the apartment, but I've never had that problem and this is the most economical, stinky-minimum, lightweight and environmentally friendly litter I've ever used.

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9/2/08 11:25 AM

TV VCR DVD Player Game Cube Ipod (Charger Base) CD Player Creature Speakers Cordless Phone = 8

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7/26/08 09:55 PM

My boyfriend and I will be moving to a new loft downtown and we need help dividing the space so we can coexist in a wall-less environment with (my) cats.

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