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must be another slow day at apartment therapy... seriously what do the editors do? i am rallying for more content and less fluff on this site!

but yes, i always look absolutely fabulous in my designer duds and heels. always ready for a party in my living room. and tess, good, solid relationships, let alone serious ones that lead to moving in with someone, are built on much, much more than how "picante" you and your other half look, or how glitzy your wardrobes are. valuing oneself comes in myriad form.

How Hot Do You Look At Home?
9/19/12 12:45 PM

going to get a little bit more specific than "African" cooking, as it is a gigantic continent after all with diverse topography and climates. kenyan food. ah, kenyan food! my kenyan mum makes the best, best best best vegetarian food. curried kale with her own house made curry. lentils. peanut sauce. stewed beans. rice with everything! tomato and onion salad marinated in vinegar. currently she's on a stewed amaranth kick. ugali (water and masa farina prepared in place of rice) and stewed cabbage with carrots is such amazing comfort food.

my mouth is watering seeing these photos and thinking of my mum's fragrant, beautiful, not to mention HEALTHY kitchen. after living on 4 continents she keeps saying that cooking in the western kitchen is just not the same, and that she can't get used to it even after living outside her homeland for over half her life. in kenyan homes in the rift valley daily vegetables are grown in home gardens! how awesome. kenyan fare is very sustainable and unbelievably healthy (minus the sweetened tea w/ milk taken all day)-- most of the worlds fastest marathon runners eat traditional kenyan diets and get their full nutrients this way. a lesson for us westerners looking to eat right without dieting! the key is flavour, flavour flavour. spices and herbs are used in every dish.

its so fun watching my mzungu dad in the kitchen, an AMAZING cook with a diverse repertoire, but rarely veers from written recipes, cook beside my mum, who improvises just about everything but has a focused tried and true list of ingredients which never fails her. i feel so lucky to have grown up with such a diverse palette and to have learned my way around the kitchen through both improv and honed technique.

Recipe: Sukuma Wiki (African Braised Kale with Tomatoes) Recipes from The Kitchn
8/23/12 03:55 PM

really cute kitchen except for the cat on the counter! gross. i am a proud lifelong multiple cat owner but cats on the table and cats on the counters is a big no-no in my opinion! as a person who loves to cook and loves to entertain i make a point to keep my cat off kitchen/food surfaces, but i am always appalled by folks who don't find this weird or think its cute.

anyway this place is quite inviting otherwise, and maximizes space so efficiently. kudos

Esther's Inviting Antwerp Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2012
7/18/12 12:46 PM

the only things in this kitchen that seem mid-century/scandinavian inspired are the chairs and table. however this is a great kitchen, very bright and lived in, which is refreshing.

A Scandinavian-Inspired Art-Filled Kitchen and Dining Room Kitchen Spotlight
5/5/12 02:02 PM

Lindsay, where did you find the cork and glass storage bottles on the shelf above your stove??

Beautiful kitchen.

Lindsay's Light & Lovely Rental Kitchen
Kitchen Tour

2/15/12 12:53 PM

i think it is an avocado. amazing house!

Bradley's Mini Historic Echo Park Home
House Tour

11/17/11 12:44 PM

What is the difference between this and actually taking photos of something weird? This is infinitely cooler because it exposes the lapse between technological advancements and our expectation for technology. I'm no techie, but I wholly appreciate use and representation of technology that reveals the embodiment of human emotion.

Clement Valla: Postcards from Google Earth
3/13/11 11:35 AM

I think that Susan's house is a great example of what apartmenttherapy should be about-- affordable, functional yet easy on the eyes.

I would like to agree with what a previous poster said about the photographs. Call me a stickler but as a photographer myself I guess I expect to see quality photographs of an apartment that do the owner justice. A couple of suggestions:

1) second the tripod suggestion.
2) avoid shooting an apartment on "AUTO", if you have an SLR. the problem with auto is the way the camera meters; shoot on maunal and meter for the brightest white in the room.
3) second the wide angle suggestion.
4) play around with photoshop, a lot of the images that were put up could have been lightly adjusted for levels, curves, and would have definitely benefited from it. it's important, I think, when shooting a house to make sure the photographs are true to the color of the pieces in the apartment.

Susan's Picture Perfect Pad House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/16/10 12:19 AM

I was just going to say that the Olsen book is a perfectly normal thing to have. I think books are an interesting element to the home, and I'm glad that someone mentioned books. Sometimes I get the impression that people hide a ton of their books before their house tours which to me means that either
1) they are embarrassed by their library
2) that a library must impress.

I am a working artist so I have unconsciously collect a ton of monographs, books, magazines and different printed sources, and the rule that I live by is that for each book I purchase I must weed out one that I no longer need/want/think I'll read or reread. Own what you read and don't be afraid to put it on view for others too!

Katie's Flea Market Fabulous Small Space House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/8/10 11:20 PM

This must be at the Bienale!

Spencer Finch's Moonlight and Moondust Lighting Inspiration | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/29/10 08:14 AM

austrianinchicago has it all figured out, that's how it should be.

Do you Count the Calories in Wine? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/27/10 02:19 AM

I appreciate these things:
- DC to Seattle transplant.
- Seattle Wilco fan.
- Cute doggies!

Go you!

Living With History: Eleanor’s Waterside Apartment House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/18/10 12:34 AM

MINT. Mint for iPhone is bomb too.

How To: Create a Household Budget ...and stick with it | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/3/10 05:09 PM

Hey, I think it's definitely got a lot of potential! Check this out for some ideas:

(yes yes I know it's from design sponge)

I think that space looks great-- the light is really warm and the white tables dont compete with the barn's structured interior, and the chandeliers soften the interior of the barn.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How to Decorate this Space for My Wedding Reception? Good Questions
8/19/09 07:10 PM


Apartment Therapy New York | Suggestions for a Tiny Landing? Good Questions
7/30/09 12:48 PM

Okay skipping over the negative before me, I have to say that as a photographer I was pretty impressed with the way you shot this space. True, some other posts have had more impressive text that conveyed the character of the house successfully, but your photos give me a good idea of the space. I can mentally see a blueprint, and while some find this place boring, I think its simplicity is what helped the photographs turn out so well. The shot of the kitchen is gorgeous! I think the use of natural light was fantastic; I am always slightly confused when people on this site use flash, so rock on!

I really like the kitchen, LOVE the map. I have a burgeoning map collection, and it's always interesting to me to see how/where people hang their maps. I also lovelovelove the 3 panel mirror with the candles, but I would include more candles of varying heights.

Apartment Therapy New York | Annie Kristina's Brooklyn Treehouse House Call
7/21/09 03:41 PM

I agree, the writing is great!

However, I found that the photographs don't really show off the character of the house as well as they could. For example, maybe you could have switched out the exterior shot for one of a bedroom or taken the photo of the bookshelf at a wider angle to add a second living room shot. I think the living room is great, and wish that I got a better sense of the space from the photos.

Apartment Therapy New York | David Sean’s Cozy Mid-Century House Call
7/21/09 03:32 PM

airtight container!!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Good Question: How Should I Store Brown Sugar?
6/23/09 01:14 AM

Where is the photo from?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Balance Arm Lamps Like These? Los Angeles
6/22/09 10:47 PM

lensbaby photo!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Consider Your Outdoor View
6/4/09 12:34 AM