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I like which wasn't even nominated. But of the ones that were Bloesem kids, definitely.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | The Homies: Best Kid's Design Blog of 2008? Vote for one...
1/3/09 08:02 PM

Rack is cute. But where can I find that awesome backpack?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | How To: Homemade Coat Rack
4/29/08 09:13 AM

I want to buy a Like A Bike for my son, but they're so expensive. While researching further I found that there are many similar "pre-bike" bikes available at a range of prices. Now I'm just overwhelmed. Is the Like A Bike better functionally, or am I paying for design. Can anyone shed light on the basic pros and cons of each? - Justine

Open Thread 11
5/29/07 11:16 AM

Awesome! Especially the polar bear.

Look! Drawing on the Walls
5/14/07 12:10 PM

Because I love orange, I bought this brush for my son before he even had teeth! But I have to say the bristles are too hard.

Preserve Jr.
5/8/07 12:55 PM

Ha! Babygadget also posted about these and offered a similar note of caution. FYI, a friend of mine had a local furniture maker approximate a BUMP bed for her, and it wasn't to expensive.

Bump Beds
4/24/07 12:34 PM