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yes, all of us who have been following feel like we have been left out and not
invited to the house warming party...... whats going on???? someone has to know

Planning Pays Off: The Big Move Design Diary
8/22/13 07:41 PM

when are we going to see the finished apt.... it has to be done by now...

Prepping for the Big Move: Cleaning, Painting and a Sofa Decision Design Diary
8/17/13 12:03 AM

you need bathroom storage looking at the first picture .... take the bidet out and use that wall for floor to ceiling built-ins. bidet out, storage in. 2nd... put your couch opposite the red window door to make the room split. put your kitchen table behind couch. this frees up your wall in the kitchen so you can add more counter area or floor to ceiling storage or both. you cant have enough of either. on either side of door to patio get two over sized chairs for extra seating and comfort. on solid walls you have it open for entertainment ctr, wall art and more cabinets for that all needed storage. love your small chest with large mirror so use that for sure. just put nice colors of your choice complementing the floors and you have a fantastic place i would like to buy or visit... good luck

Color Advice For Milan Apartment? Good Questions
8/4/12 09:09 PM