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We have a deck that has these awful rubber flooring. It gets your feet filthy and doesn't absorb water at all. Do you have any suggestions for what we could do with this, on a budget?

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6/18/12 08:30 AM

My boyfriend and I just moved in together - a first "move in with the significant other" step for both of us. The apartment is a score in a lot of regards - except for one pivotal detail. CLOSET SPACE. Our railroad-esque edwardian is narrow and has no room for our personal items. While at the moment this is fine I can foresee a bit of a dilemma as we will soon inevitably be living in an apartment surrounded by heaps of.. stuff. We are desperately seeking advice for how we can live harmoniously, clutter-free, and how to maximize the most space out of a lovely yet tightly-quartered place.

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7/25/08 08:08 PM