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Roman shades are easy to make too, except for the fact that you must have a sewing machine. I like plantation shutters for this room too.

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9/3/08 11:31 AM

Funny how people are complaining about seeing it everywhere. That was the original intention. It was supposed to be plastered all over England if an invasion or other catastrophe took place during WWII.

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8/18/08 10:16 AM

I used to entertain constantly. One awful guest after another made me stop completely, 15 years ago. I mean AWFUL. Manners. They're wonderful. People should try them out. Give them a spin.
I had elegant sit down dinners that guests did not show up for. Or showed up 2 hours late for with a McDonald's bag in their hands. Or came with 3 strangers who then robbed this guest's purse. Or who came to visit from Europe acompanied by a friend w/o asking first, and then left the friend w/ me for 2 weeks while they went to see their family. Or declined my invitation because they had a date, then called at 5:30 the day of asking if they could bring their date and were shocked SHOCKED when I said no, I'm not running a restaurant. Not one of these guests ever reciprocated, not being cooks I never expected them to do what I had done. How about taking me out for a coffee? Nope. I have hung up my apron. Our home cooked gourmet feasts are enjoyed a deux. In peace.

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8/14/08 01:49 PM

love these!

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7/25/08 03:15 PM