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RE: Nerding it up

"I despise Apple and is fascist, "unwillingness to play with others" attitude. I doubt that the introduction of the "cloud" is going to be half as revolutionary as they think its going to be in this Post-Jobs era. It will remain to be build and maintained over an "Apple Products Only" ideologue and in the end, that will be its downfall."

Despise? Downfall? Really? You know you're talking about consumer electronics company and not the third reich, right? Relax.

Why iTunes Match Might Kick Some Serious Ass
9/2/11 03:58 PM

Also, yay unplggd for properly researching a tech question!

Using Different MagSafe Adapters with Different Laptops
Good Questions

3/22/11 03:44 AM

ThrustinJ and ClassicConfections: all batteries are prone to bad circuitry. Sony manufactures the vast majority of batteries in Apple products (and the products of many other devices). Li-Ion batteries are miraculous in their power capabilities, but all that chemistry and circuitry packed into those little batteries makes them somewhat prone to failure.

Using Different MagSafe Adapters with Different Laptops
Good Questions

3/22/11 03:43 AM

Agreed with M_Johnson. Regarding the Fuji camera, not only is "featuring the new Micro Four Thirds standard, this camera has the ability of interchangeable lens" an example of pitiful grammar, it is factually incorrect. And Rob is right too, specktone is no longer produced.

Unplggd's fact checking and grammar has gone downhill since the influx of new team members. I hope you can get back to a higher standard. I hardly check in anymore because there's better info elsewhere.

Our Favorite Tech With Retro Style But Latest Features
3/19/11 06:11 PM

It's pretty comical how consistently this site gives out misinformation about tech issues. Note to Unplggd: stick to tech design and leave tech support to people who know what they're talking about.

As a computer service provider, I can tell you unequivocally, this is not a good way to store your battery. 50% is ideal for long term storage. For more info about Li-Ion batteries, check Apple's battery page:

The info on Apple's page applies to all devices that use Li-Ion batteries, those made by Apple and otherwise.

Batteries are one of the most common sources of complaints and service requests, mostly because there is soooo much misinformation about how to maintain them--misinformation like this.

How to Quickly & Completely Drain Your Laptop Battery
3/11/11 06:54 PM

"dSLRs were made originally for photos - not film." Think about that sentence. "Film" and "video" are not interchangeable terms, especially in the context of this article.

Ryan P is absolutely right, zoom lenses are pretty terrible for video. The best part of using a DSLR for video is to get away from zoom lenses found on consumer video cameras so you can achieve a more cinematic aesthetic with prime lenses and larger apertures (narrow DOF, low light capabilities, etc).

Also, Final Cut Pro is waaaay-overpriced for starting out in DSLR movie-making ($999!). Final Cut Express ($199) is the far more logical choice if you're a noob.

Cool idea for a post, but it's a little short on good editing and research.

How To Turn Your dSLR Into a Movie Camera
2/20/11 10:27 AM

Easy one: Use your camera's wireless remote (or a shudder cable) to avoid camera shake at slower shutter speeds.

Low Light Photography On a Budget

1/7/11 02:49 AM

Also, the Nikon 35mm 1.8 is great for DX (ie, not full frame) sensors. 50mm on smaller DSLR sensors shoots like a 75mm on a 35mm Film SLR. The 35mm f1.8 is a great 'everywhere' prime lens for us Nikon DX format users (ie D90/D80/D200, etc). Also, not that expensive...

Getting Started With Digital Photography
11/4/10 12:26 AM

Nikon has a nifty 50 too (50mm 1.8). I got mine for $100. The f1.4 is great, but for the price, 50mm 1.8 is outstanding.

Getting Started With Digital Photography
11/4/10 12:22 AM

It's definitely not good to fully discharge Li-Ion batteries before recharging them on your Macbook (or any other Li-Ion batteries):

This is a common misconception. I'm a service provider and see this all the time. People are needlessly burning up their batteries (more waste!).

Nice decals. Too bad the info on that one is wrong...

The 6 Most Helpful (and Beautiful!) Desk Decals
8/4/10 07:26 AM

* "but your post" (not "you're"; stupid iPhone corrective typing)

Verizon Will Sell The iPhone in 2011 | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
7/9/10 10:27 AM

Guys and Gals of unplggd,

This is purely speculation. The story says "according to sources familiar" with negotiations. If there's no public announcement from Apple, Verizon, or AT&T about it, then don't report it as fact. Sure it could happen, but you're post indicates this as fact. It's not confirmed yet. Period.

For the record, there has been a story just about every week for the last two years reporting the iPhone is imminently arriving on Verizon's network. Where have you been? Printing a story like this, as if you got some scoop, really makes it look like you guys are waaaay out of the tech news loop.

Verizon Will Sell The iPhone in 2011 | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
7/9/10 10:26 AM

I saw one of the day beds in the store and it was far below IKEA quality. Very light weight, shoddy construction. I'd estimate you'd be lucky to get 1-2 years of every day use out of one of these.

Apart from crappy quality, UO was founded by (and is majority owned by) Richard Hayne who is a noted social conservative and gives millions to the right-wing causes and candidates (like former PA senator Rick Santorum). If you have an real sympathy for causes like marriage equality, combatting global warming, universal health care, etc you may want to think twice about shopping there.

Fun Furniture From Urban Outfitters Store Profile | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/20/10 04:02 PM

Thanks! What brand of paint was the pewter color? Behr? Sherman Williams?

Hunter's Surroundings of Love The Perfect Workspace Contest 2010 | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/14/10 06:45 PM

What color grey is on your walls? Brand/shade? I want grey walls...

Hunter's Surroundings of Love The Perfect Workspace Contest 2010 | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/14/10 02:14 PM

I worked for Apple retail for about 5 years. I remember around 2001-2002, there was a push towards USB audio, but it failed. I had a G4 Cube (seriously, and still have it in my closet) and one of the "features" was no 3.5mm audio jack, only audio was USB. It actually slowed the computer down. When I played games, I had to pull the USB speakers to get better frame rates. The feature was so unpopular that the nicest USB speakers at the time, the HK Soundsticks actually "upgraded" to a 3.5mm jack in their second generation. Today, I've noticed USB speakers are sometimes billed as "mobile" because they are powered off the USB bus, but they're not ideal for everyday use.

I'm only explaining this because, while I love the design points on this site, I often notice lax research with tech details. Not a big deal, but research could be tighter. Us geeks are sensitive about this stuff!

ICIC System of Computer Speakers | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/13/10 10:32 PM

"We're assuming they would connect USB (like most speakers do)"

Really? Most speakers connect via USB?

While there are some USB speakers, I would say the overwhelming majority of speakers sold for use with computers connect to the audio-out port (3.5mm audio jack).

ICIC System of Computer Speakers | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/13/10 04:51 PM

If you have to ask about how complicated it is, then do yourself a favor and make it easy. I'd go with the mac. The "mac is more expensive" argument is pretty much moot when you consider cost of ownership over time. Add in the cost of anti-virus subscriptions, decent media software, etc. and you're not looking at a lot of difference. While I understand you're Apple experience has not been stellar so far, assume you're in the minority, as Apple has the highest satisfaction rates among most independent surveys. Best of luck!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Mac or PC? Good Questions
7/28/09 11:06 AM

It totally sucks you guys are peddling crapgadgets like this. Whoever wrote this piece (of sh*t) has no idea about what they're talking about.

"It looks pretty well made and put together, so it shouldn't just fall apart once you get it home." Oh really? In your expert opinion, this counterfeit, gray-market, copyright-infringing techno-crap looks better than most? Didn't know Unplggd was such an authority on this stuff.

Please, don't insult us with posts like this. I'll go to Chinatown if I want to see crap like this.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Look! New Shrunken iPhone Available: Not Made By Apple!
4/16/09 09:35 AM

Too bad it's a PC and not a Mac. When he boot's up, he won't make that Wall-e/OS X "chong"...

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Look! The Incredibly Detailed Wall-E Case Mod
4/9/09 08:57 PM