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I lived in SF for over 6 years. We had an exit plan for 2 of those years. We decided that we'd rather move to a smaller, more affordable city and own a house than flee to the burbs of SF where we might be able to scrape together enough for a condo. I loved living in the city, but I love living in my small/college town now just as much. It's walk/bike-able and super friendly. It can be a little podunk at times, but I don't miss the city as much as I thought that I would. Plus, we pay significantly less now in mortgage for a cute, historic 3 bedroom that's walking distance from work, than we did for our tiny 1 bedroom apartment. And the yard...I love having a yard, a garden, and a porch!

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How Long Can We Keep This Up?

9/20/12 03:26 PM