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I bribe myself. For example, I got new windows and all the trim and frames need to be painted - a boring, time consuming job. I've promised myself that when I'm done with them, I can buy new workout clothes!

7 Secrets to Getting Anything Done Around the House
5/27/14 05:46 PM

I'm in Portland, OR, and am in the process of replacing 13 windows in my new (1925) house. Because I'm in a historic district, anything vinyl or with less of a 3" setback from the siding was right out, so I'm getting Milgard Essence fiberglass-clad wood windows with custom installation. I'm not sure how the costs break down between materials and labor, but all told, it'll be about $20,000. Vinyl would have been cheaper (about $16,000) and more energy efficient, but the design review board has spoken :(

How Much Did it Cost to Replace Your Windows? Reader Intelligence Request
1/24/14 12:16 PM

I'm guessing the people commenting about how un-diverse Portland is rarely leave (s)Nob Hill, the Pearl District, or the inner Southeast hipster neighborhoods.

Move up to North Portland or out to Montavilla and you'll not only get more diverse neighbors, you'll get cheaper rents and better ethnic food.

But yeah, better have a job lined up. Or be a software engineer.

Charming Portland Rentals from Our House Tours Renting Done Right
4/1/13 01:26 AM

You can find some amazing ones on Etsy, too.

All Grown Up: Mobiles for Adults
2/8/13 06:29 PM

This is my favorite house tour in recent memory. Fun, comfortable, and personal.

Langston's KidRobot-Inspired Home House Tour
1/25/13 12:13 PM

For the record, you can find Hunter boots for about $50 at Nordstrom Rack and Off Fifth. You may not get exactly the color you want, but considering that I've had cheapo $20 rain boots split apart in the middle of a muddy dog park, it's worth the sacrifice.

That said, I just bought a pair of Kamiks for $30 and I have high hopes...

Gifts for the Commuter APARTMENT THERAPY GIFT GUIDE 2012
12/18/12 06:33 PM

I have my thermostat set to turn on the heat when I need to get up. The hum of the furnace helps wake me up, and not having to get out of bed in a cold room makes it easier to get moving.

10 Tips for Making Winter Wake-Ups Easier
12/5/12 02:40 PM

I can afford to upgrade from my 4s, but I keep thinking about the Chinese students press-ganged into working at the FoxConn factories. Gadget lust in exchange for human rights doesn't seem like a fair trade.

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade:
Is the iPhone 5 Worth It?

9/24/12 04:11 PM

My last rental was in a condo building, and the management company charged the owner (my landlord) a $300 moving fee to cover the cost of an employee to put up protective drapes in the elevator and floor coverings in the hall, as well as hold the door and elevator for the movers.

In that neighborhood, it's fairly standard for the tenant to pay move-in and move-out fees to cover those costs. I'd definitely ask what any fee like that was paying for, though.

5 Things to Run Away From as a Renter Renters Solutions
3/25/12 01:07 AM

Offering to sign a two year lease put me over the top for this place. Of course, I did manage to negotiate $50/mo off the rent in exchange...

No Fail Ways to Land Your Dream Apartment Renters Solutions
3/19/12 08:46 PM

The sheer joy of not having to go Lady Macbeth every time tomato sauce or coffee even gets in the vicinity of that white grout makes this makeover worth every penny.

I'm in a rental now with white f*%&king tile countertops - and white bloody grout - and I spend half my time cleaning it and the other half feeling bad about how dirty it looks.

Kitchen Before & After: A Cozy Little (Kitchen) Cave
2/9/11 06:02 PM

I have the Ikea Beryll wall spotlights ( as bedside lights and they're fantastic.

The white blends in with the wall color, reducing visual distraction in my small studio apartment, they're adjustable, they don't protrude too much into the room or take up valuable nightstand space, and they were cheap. The halogen bulbs are also long-lasting and energy saving.

10 Awesome, Adjustable, Wall-Mounted Task Lights
1/12/11 08:22 PM

Several months ago, I downsized from a single family home with a large renovated kitchen to a downtown loft with maybe one-sixth the cabinet space.

One of the habits I've changed is that I no longer keep pantry ingredients on hand for things I only occasionally cook. Because I now live a quick 5 minute walk from a Whole Foods, I can always run down there for a can of crushed tomatoes when I need them. The dog also gets a quick walk out of the deal.

I'm probably spending a bit more by buying my groceries when I need them rather than stocking up, but I love not having to shove past an aging stockpile to get at what I need, and I'm definitely saving money by not driving to the store!

Kitchen Cabinets: Getting Rid of What You Don't Use
1/6/11 06:25 PM

I live in a loft apartment converted from warehouse space. Instead of brick, I have very rough-textured poured concrete walls. It has a lot of the same ambiance as brick, but fewer problems.

Exposed Brick Walls: Good or Bad?
12/14/10 08:05 PM

I'm in Portland as well and a coworker of mine just installed woven-strand bamboo in his house. Apparently, it has almost twice the hardness rating of regular bamboo - said coworker has small kids and dogs, so durability was a primary concern.

IIRC, he got a killer deal on it on through simpleFloors.

Suggestions for New Flooring? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/28/10 04:52 PM

There's also The Modern Hotel in Boise, ID. Sleek, modern decor, pleasant amenities, great location.

10 Inspiring Bedrooms from Budget Hotels | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/7/09 07:09 PM

Yep, the $90 usually includes "preservation" in acid-free tissue and box as well.

Personally, I donated mine to Brides Against Breast Cancer right after our honeymoon. I knew I wouldn't use it again and didn't feel like storing it for no good reason.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How Can I Clean and Reuse My Wedding Dress? Good Question
9/16/09 05:20 PM

The NYT review of the movie pretty much nailed my take on it:

"“No Impact Man,” however, is not really an eco-documentary. There are plenty of those. But there are not many films that so unsparingly (if also, perhaps, inadvertently) expose the confused power dynamics of a certain kind of modern middle-class marriage. Whatever else he is doing, Mr. Beavan is, by laying down a new and draconian set of household laws, dramatically asserting his own authority in the domestic sphere. A thoroughly modern dad, who does most of the cooking and dishwashing and whose wife goes off each day to work in the offices of BusinessWeek, he is a paragon of sensitive patriarchy."

Whatever works for them and different strokes for different folks and all, but Beavan sounds like an insufferable crapweasel.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | 'No Impact Man' Colin Beavan and Michelle Conlin Re-Nest Interview
9/15/09 01:26 PM

Some landlords/property management companies will run their own credit checks. I'm not sure if a self-provided credit report would be sufficient.

I was in competition to get a really choice apartment many years ago. I brought my last two W-2 forms and a bank statement showing healthy savings and a stock portfolio. It may have been overkill, but I got the apartment and lived there happily for four years with only one minor rent increase until I bought my first house.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What Makes For A Qualified Renter
9/9/09 06:00 PM

Another vote for just taking apart the p-trap. That's where the clog usually is, and you won't need to dick around with toxic chemicals or boiling liquids.

Just make sure to use a chamois or towel if you're concerned about scratching up the fittings with your wrench.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How To: Fix a Slow Draining Sink Most Popular Posts
9/9/09 01:30 PM