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For MrDarcy,

Make this Homemade Holiday Gift:

11/23/13 06:42 PM

It's important to note that some woods are toxic and should not be used for making cutting boards. Some woods are denser than others and some contain a lot of resin. Here's some more information:

Make this Homemade Holiday Gift:
Wooden Cutting Boards Homemade Holiday Gift Idea Exchange: Project #3

11/6/13 12:54 PM

p.s. No biggie, but his last name is "Seim" not "Sein."

A Homemade Slot-Together Crib
7/29/12 02:16 PM

I am a friend of Adam and not only is he smart and crafty, he's got a big heart. He is a core volunteer for Blissful Bedrooms, a New York-based non-profit that redesigns bedrooms for children of modest means with physical disabilities.

I hooked Adam up with the CNC router, which is owned by my friend Roney Conca. If you're interested in Roney's CNC services he can be reached at concadesign at gmail. Roney is based in Brooklyn New York.

Adam and his wife Sarah are going to be amazing parents! Congratulations, Adam and Sarah, only a week or two to go!

- Vanessa (fellow Blissful Bedrooms volunteer)

A Homemade Slot-Together Crib
7/29/12 02:14 PM

please excuse typos.

How To Fix Cracks in Old Wood Floor? Good Questions
4/17/12 09:03 PM

P.S. I've done this before and I was surprised at how much the wood expanded and pushed out the caulking. I had to use razor blade to cut off the caulking in the summer months. That was a hassle and it was difficult to do without damaging the floors. So sse less caulking than you think is necessary. When your done the caulking in the gaps should be concave, not flush. It is best to do this in spring or fall, when boards are in mid expansion/contraction.


How To Fix Cracks in Old Wood Floor? Good Questions
4/17/12 09:02 PM

Don't use wood filler. Wood expands and contracts with the seasons. Wood filler does not. Wood filler is hard. As the wood expands (in the more humid summer months) the boards press against the fill. As the wood presses against the wood fill, the wood fill dents the boards, compressing the fibers. Then winter comes and the wood shrinks. Now the wood has been compressed from the wood fill and it is naturally shrinking as a result of the low humidity and dry heat of indoor heating. The wood fill falls out.

Some suggest using foam backing rod and paintable caulking. Here's a tutorial.

How To Fix Cracks in Old Wood Floor? Good Questions
4/17/12 08:52 PM

We are in the process of building a small home office into a very small space in our bedroom. It's about the size of a closet, but it doesn't have the framing of a closet. I'll try to post some photos on flickr then come back here and post links.

Master Bedroom with a Desk? Good Questions
4/17/12 08:43 PM

It would be fun to sew different covers for this. You could make one like a frilly cottage, another a log cabin, etc.

An Un-Finished PlayhouseRiemuja
4/11/12 09:28 PM

I loved the Martha Stewart calendar so much that I painted one in my apartment.

4 DIY Chalkboard Paint Projects for Home Learning Spaces
8/16/11 03:51 PM

Yeah, it looks like a chalkboard to me too.

Make a Faux Concrete Wall
Kara Paslay Designs

4/9/11 09:13 PM

Uh huh. :)

Bacon Baby Formula
4/1/11 03:46 PM


DIY Bed and Playhouse
Ikea Hack

4/1/11 01:32 PM

How durable is this? I guess it depends not only on the top coating, but also the substrate. A laminated surface, as wyndwalkr used, is quite rigid and hard. I wonder if the paper might wear away faster when applied to a wood substrate.

Before & After: The Glue and Brown Paper Makeover
Tatertots and Jello

3/7/11 09:47 AM

This is awesome.

An Indoor Treehouse Bed
The Slow Life

3/4/11 11:56 AM

Sorry, it's called "WiFi Baby" (not BabyWiFi). Here's the website:

WiFi Baby Monitor

Opinions on Baby Motion Monitors
Good Questions

1/26/11 10:08 PM

My son is now 4 months old. He's still sleeping in our bedroom, but we're going to make the switch soon. Our apartment is a triplex and his bedroom is 2 flights of stairs down from our bedroom. We just purchased a BabyWiFi monitor. It works through our wireless router network. We can view the video image (with sound too) on our iPad, iPhone and laptop. Even if our internet goes out, the monitor still works within our home.
What makes it so awesome is that our son's grandparents in Australia will be able log-in online (we've given them a special username and pw) to view their grandson while he sleeps. They miss him a lot. My husband can also log in while at work and watch our son while he naps. We have it up and running, now we just need to move baby to his own room... (easier said then done).

Opinions on Baby Motion Monitors
Good Questions

1/26/11 10:06 PM

I'm a new mom and I got one of these at my baby shower. I thought, "what the hell is this??" Thank you for answering my question. I just got it out of the baby basket and gave it to my sleepy baby. Here's hoping he one day transitions from Mama's Warm Booby to Cuddly Lovie.


1/26/11 10:21 AM

Ok, don't freak out, but... Ergos aren't attractive. Bjorn is the best looking baby carrier out there. I use one and wasn't aware of any research about it being harmful (but I'll Google that now). I really love it and so does my son.

Baby Björn Organic
1/22/11 08:38 PM

Huh. I love mine.

Baby Björn Organic
1/19/11 02:44 PM