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I've been going for multitasking green products to save money and reduce waste. Method makes a multi-purpose cleaner that is safe and effective on multiple surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom (including our cats' liter box and around the box), and we use Dr. Bronners as hand soap & dish soap in the kitchen and bathroom, as body soap in the shower, and it can be diluted to create other cleaners. (My former roommate likes to use it as a shampoo.) If I count shampoo, face cleanser, and toothpaste, our household uses 5 cleaning products for home and body combined...not bad on the wallet & the low quantity and greener quality of the products is kinder on our environment.

Hot Tip: Save Money on Your Favorite Green Products | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
1/12/10 04:11 PM

okay, dan's overall killer style is what i'd try to replicate if i had an endless budget! it really is amazing. the pops of color, the shapes, the lines, the angles in the art, furniture, and decorative elements keep the eye active, and the energy up. thanks for sharing your home.

Dan's MMC (Mostly Mid-Century) Home and Gallery House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/8/10 05:43 PM


It is the Clarke sectional from Room & Board,

Lovely yes, but sadly out of reach at $3200.

Small Size Sectional Suggestions? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/10/09 01:49 PM

recently, i purchased the geo side table from west elm online. when it arrived the mirrored finish table top was deeply scratched in more than one place, and not in an intentionally distressed way. contacted west elm about exchanging the item, and they recommended that i go to the store and inspect the replacement table because there have been complaints about scratches in the top of this table. went to the store and the two geo tables they had in stock were on hold for someone, so i got a refund. bummer. i love the base of the table, but the mirrored table top appears to be easily scratched.

2 New Wire Frame Faceted Tables | Apartment Therapy New York
12/5/09 08:03 PM

I always enjoy seeing people's home libraries. I recently got the white Expedit bookcase from Ikea and filled it with my books and magazines. The wall is now a riot of color! I am really happy with it. The shelves are tall and deep enough to accommodate oversized books. AT Readers: Consider the Expedit bookcase ($159-199) if adding built-in shelves is not an option in your apartment or house.

Modrngirl: The shot of the library on is stunning! Never been to, so I'm off to poke around.

Lived-In Libraries | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/2/09 02:30 PM

The big cross above a bed made for three heads makes me think "Christian menage a trois?" But all kidding aside, the home is fresh and airy--good job!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Melinda David's Artsy Unique Home House Call
9/29/09 08:14 PM

oops, the link doesn't work

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Gallery: Heather Amuny-Dey
12/16/08 10:46 PM

i love the little punches of color in the books, pottery, and chair seat cover, against minimal white walls, and a light colored floor. the colors ground the room, so the eye moves there, but bounces back to the light features in the room, and to the light pouring in from the windows. BTW- got any details on that chair? i'm not usually drawn to ghost chairs, but this one is full of life and character! nice place.

Apartment Therapy New York | Roomark: Martin 10.1.08
10/1/08 05:22 PM

i can't help but ask why the cat's litter box, and pooper-scooper is right next to the red-orange sofa and coffee table?

Apartment Therapy New York | East #3: Meverette's Fearless Mix
9/30/08 07:38 PM

wow, they're all great! streamline is my favorite though. thanks for the opportunity!

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9/26/08 11:50 AM