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Amy Butler has a pattern similar to the one from World Market.


5/17/11 02:44 PM

BlueLM, I agree that there are many people who are quick to sue. However, I think that letting fear dictate ones life and that of their child's will do more harm than good.

From past experience I have found that it is more considerate and kind to leave the choice of inclusion with the particular child's parent. You don't have to be close to the parent to have a conversation regarding the well being of their child.

I can assure you any parent of a child with an allergy will be more than happy to educate, support and/or provide for their child in instances like this. I cannot imagine that a parent will choose not to share information with you in hopes their child has a reaction so they can sue you.

Your alternative of bringing the child to the party after the food has been served only reinforces to that child and their peers that they are different. It is also unrealistic in the case of some allergies because the area and other children could have remnants of the allergen and therefore contaminate the child.

It is irresponsible parenting to teach your child to exclude those with differences.

We do not live in a perfect world. Parents cannot always implement the proper safety measure to protect their child both mentally and physically. But there are uncountable instances when they can. There are also uncountable instances when we can be considerate, compassionate and educated people.

Friends With Food Allergies
10/15/10 06:45 PM

This is incredibly sad. I have a niece with celiac disease and understand how upset and alienated it can make a young child feel. Exclusions like this can stay with a child for years. It is a heartbreaking experience to wipe a child's tears away because all she wants it to be "normal like her cousins" and eat what they are eating.

It sounds like these parents chose to be lazy when it came to their hospitality and menu choices. It really isn't difficult to find recipes, products and stores to accommodate most allergies. A Google search and a conversation with the child's parents should have provided the necessary education.

Children don't pick their allergies, disabilities and ailments so why should they be punished for having them.

FYI, Betty Crocker makes a line of gluten free cake mixes and I believe they are peanut free as well. Replace the wet ingredients with applesauce and they can be suitable for those with egg allergies. That easy.

Friends With Food Allergies
10/15/10 05:43 PM

Perhaps you could put a large "frame" around the quote to make it more of a focal point. This could be created by just painting a shape on the wall or by using an actual large empty frame that is hung. You could then paint boxes on the opposite wall that match in color and mount your shelves within them. THe two walls would be unified and have more of a polished look.

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5/19/09 02:01 PM

These are great! Perfect for doing a clutter roundup.

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7/24/08 07:51 AM