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The figurine looks to me like an Awa Odori dancer - an Obon festival held in Tokushima every year - which is focused on honouring one's ancestors. Even if not Awa Odori, I think it is definitely meant to portray an Obon dancer.

As an awkward teenager I visited Japan and danced in the festival. Thanks for sharing this, it brings back fond memories for me too. What a special collection.

Sentimental Belongings: The Stories Behind the Objects
5/4/12 10:47 PM

At the auction I frequent I know who the dealers are, at first it was irritating to get outbid by them, but now it is great because I can use them to judge whether or not I am overpaying. Once I outbid them I know I am basically paying wholesale price for a piece.

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7/24/08 01:52 AM