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D'oh! Had I kept reading your post describing the types of sushi before posting, I would have seen that you did, in fact, cover the eating of sushi. THANK! :)

What Exactly Is Sushi? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/3/09 04:30 PM

Great article! I've always wondered what was the definition of 'sushi,' but been too lazy to JFGI.

I do remember reading an article about the 'sushi purist' way of eating sushi. You covered nearly all of their tips; a great refresher for me! One item they mentioned was: when you eat sushi (white rice with sashimi or something on top), you should pick-up the sushi in your hand and dip it into soy sauce fish side down so that the rice doesn't break apart. And I believe you should put it into your mouth fish side down as well.

@heather77 - Where do you go for a good sushi fix? I enjoy Oysy in downtown, Hatsu Hana in Lakeview, and Tank in Lincoln Square.

What Exactly Is Sushi? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/3/09 04:23 PM

Always great to see the government and its people active with saving the environment. Chicago just expanded their recycling bin services.

Cool to see this, but how do you keep the "for compost" bin from stinking up the joint?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | San Francisco's Curbside Composting Program
2/22/08 08:15 AM

Your description of honey tangerines is making me salivate. The west coast makes me so jealous! I'll have to call up my sister in Berkeley and have her experience these winter flavors for me.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | San Francisco Market Report: Smörgåsbord of Citrus
2/13/08 10:07 AM

I've always felt that cheese, wine and bread alone were a bit unsatisfying, and felt that most meats (salami, cold cuts and the like) were just thrown in for filler. This sounds like a perfect addition for a siesta. Hopefully I can get my hands on some this summer.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Food News: Jamón Ibérico Arriving Soon!
2/13/08 09:57 AM

Very effective use of space; doesn't feel cluttered at all. Also, the colors are very warm and inviting. I really enjoy the contrast on the walls to set off the art from the wall.

#10 - Olivia Leigh's Limited Time, Lovely Space
4/24/07 10:04 AM