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i bet you are right - they have an elephant version too. aldea is a lot cheaper than giggle - so maybe i'll check it out. and thanks for the target bins rec. putting our nursery together too and it is amazing how his stuff collects and he's not even here yet! ;)

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San Francisco, CA

7/12/11 06:45 PM

love your nursery. we have a similar mobile from wonderlandstudio as well! love it.

who did you use for the monkey bins on etsy? that was exactly what i was looking for but refused to pay giggle a fortune for their version...for just one!

My Room: Kenzie
San Francisco, CA

7/12/11 05:09 PM

as someone who is planning my own shower, i found this idea endearing. as a shower idea, it is very cute. not sure why the negative reaction...people will have baby showers regardless...why not put a fun spin on it?

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Amy Atlas

3/29/11 02:15 PM

thank you AT and the homeowners for a refreshingly real house tour. not everyone is a designer/architect/artist with dwr budgets. i LOVE your personal taste and adoration for your family treasures.

makes me feel good about my home and all its quirks, imperfections and long to-do-list.

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12/10/09 03:12 PM

hey scott - fantastic place!! esp. like the plush throw in chocolate. nice touch. i can't believe your place doesn't have a million votes!! much love and good wishes from your favorite little store in corte madera.

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4/29/09 02:18 AM

i have two of these - we love them!! perfect for yogurt in the am, pasta in the pm. :)

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10/24/08 04:37 PM

the duvet and shams in the photo are from anthropologie...i bought the duvet there on sale 3 years ago.

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8/22/08 09:10 AM

oh, and don't do the whole "buy a new one and swap it out" thing. that is just bad karma. we are a nice bunch and we'll take it without the box or receipt. :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Question: Local Fan Repair Shops?
7/22/08 01:00 PM

hey everyone!

I actually work for Restoration Hardware. I can promise you and everyone who has posted here that we will do whatever we can to make a customer happy.

Mahdi, if you still have your fan, please bring it to any Restoration Hardware in the LA area. I'll let them all know you are coming. We have similar fans in stock and will be more than happy to do an exchange. If you have a receipt handy, even better. no worries if you don't.


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Question: Local Fan Repair Shops?
7/22/08 12:47 PM