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I enjoy video tips, but this looks like it was filmed in a dark room in Colonial Williamsburg or something. Please shoot future projects in a bright, neutral light space so we can really see the effect, please!

Two Beautiful Ways to Refinish Your Furniture Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
3/11/14 01:17 PM

While not everyone's taste, there's really nothing outlandish about the 'before' fabric, Kaete. Couldn't you imagine that outside a dressing room at Ralph Lauren, in some 'rough luxe' man cave, or in a woodsy, contemporary cabin?

I admit neither version is really my cup of tea: I'd probably have stripped / bleached the frame and used a natural jute or soft burlap. Still, Emily, I admire your vision and investment to make something you love! Well done!

Before & After: A Mudcloth Masterpiece
10/3/13 12:48 PM

I'm with JMarsh, the watch in a shadowbox frame is genius. I have my grandfather's watch and this would be a phenomenal way to solve not wearing it... but also not keeping it in a drawer. Thanks Joan and Matt for that!

Joan and Matt's Joyously Eclectic Home House Tour
3/29/13 02:15 PM

Nice article.... but all it REALLY made me wanna do is beg Canon to take that exact body and slap an 18MP sensor in it.

Cripes that's a beautiful camera.

Photo Composition Tools And Tips: Diptychs, Triptychs And Beyond
7/26/12 06:48 PM

Grado made the best headphones I ever listened to. They also broke on me twice (entire ear piece and adjusting post falling off) just using them with regular handling.

Two different pairs bought almost 10 years apart? It shouldn't happen.

Best Premium Over-Ear & On the Go Headphones
7/26/12 06:43 PM

Whoops, I'm wrong - that all could've been Vincent Moulton's job.

Creative Camper: A Retrofitted, Rustic Makeover
7/23/12 08:37 PM

@archersam, the architect probably would've worn more of a designer's hat for this one - sourcing the window hardware, designing the shelf above the driver, laying out the bathroom, designing the stool that tucks under the desk, and adding the faux ribs to the ceiling for a semi-nautical feel.

Just a guess.

Creative Camper: A Retrofitted, Rustic Makeover
7/23/12 08:36 PM

Night, that's so cute!

You're absolutely right - no matter how much social baggage a house carries, or rubs everyone the wrong way (I'm hugely not a fan of big and bland) when a dwelling is filled with love and special memories, even a McMansion can be a McHome.

New Construction with Old American Charm Garden & Gun
7/23/12 08:31 PM

Just pretend it's from 'Fartin' & Fun' magazine... and enjoy the photos. Cripes.

New Construction with Old American Charm Garden & Gun
7/23/12 03:52 PM

All I wanna know is... who won the auction, Kasey or Jordana? : )

One Minute Tip: How to Repurpose a Door Knob Apartment Therapy Videos
7/16/12 04:47 PM

Higher... or hire?

Study Says Attractive Real Estate Agents Sell Property for Higher Prices Design News 04.13.12
4/13/12 12:01 PM

Oh... and if that lefthand ottoman won't clear the sofa - don't give up the ottoman and add a top-hinged door which you can't access when it's a bed!

Cantilever the seats right into the wall, so you can remove the vertical panels, and they can roll out at any angle you like!

California's Smallest Legal Apartment: SmartSpace
3/5/12 04:31 PM

I tend to agree with most of these comments; I've definitely seen better use of small space, and there seems to be a mountain of empirical evidence in this field that Mr. Kennedy could've come up with an even better space in version 1.0. I didn't see much in the way of dual-functioning furniture... other than the lowering table, which has been used by Airstream and other RV manufacturers for 70+ years.

Seems like this kind of project should've yielded some really cool solutions - instead, it's biggest cool factors seems to be hidden kitchen appliances and a frosted pocket door. Hm.

California's Smallest Legal Apartment: SmartSpace
3/5/12 04:29 PM

Somewhere Jonathan Ive is smacking his forehead, wondering why he didn't come up with that Mangus. Gorgeous.

Marvelous, Minimal & Magnetic: Super Simple iPad Stands
1/25/12 06:31 PM

I love antiques - the older, wood-ier, patinated the better. But if I'm spending 7-8 hours a day sitting in it? Give me the best that modern technology can come up with.

I've enjoyed my Aeron for over 10 years. Does it match our century-old, oak mission style partner's desk? Nope. But I have no plans to give up either of 'em.

Modern or Vintage: What Kind of Desk Chair Do You Favor?
1/19/12 03:31 PM

Looks much better, KDIFFILY - nice work!

Thinking About a TV Above the Fireplace? Pro Tips to Consider
1/19/12 03:28 PM

So, Scots are increasingly hutting - even as its popularity simultaneously decreases.

Sounds like fun, but would I be joining a hot trend... or trying to save a dying tradition? : )~

Hutting in Scotland: Inspired by Fiction
The Guardian

1/9/12 07:21 PM

Sorry Jess13, but *most* great art is an amalgamation of influences: borrowing from previous artistic movements, an artist's contemporary rivals, and endless other sources of inspiration. Art isn't created in a vacuum.

To single out this picture as a "rip-off" is near-sighted, and shows a lack of understanding of the entire history of art, not to mention music, literature and even dance.

New Art Nouveau: Gloriously Ornate Posters
11/7/11 11:40 PM

Our back screen door is attached to the frame via 2 black, steel triangle-shaped brackets. The spare sits on the top bracket, secured by with black electrical tape.

Virtually invisible.

Where Do You Keep Your Spare Key?
9/27/11 11:14 PM

Interesting exercise in multitasking... but I'll keep my vintage Airstream (cost half that) and canoe, thanks.

Sealander: It's a Camper … It's a Boat … It's Both!
9/13/11 08:00 PM