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So glad to see this! We received 8 chairs similar to the one in the last picture as a wedding gift and we make them work with our eclectic modern decor. The only problem we have is that they have a large footprint for our 800 sf house, so we have one of these in nearly every room of the house. I actually took one to my office and sit in it during meetings. They aren't exactly comfortable, but they are certainly beautiful to look at and flexible in terms of design - not to mention long-lasting.

Quick History: Antique "Yoke-back" Chinese Chairs

10/22/10 08:20 PM

Awesome! I've been looking for a wedding gift for a friend, and this his favorite - perfect!

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7/9/09 05:27 PM

I say a light spring green or aqua for the shutters and door and a light grey for the siding. Mix with some colorful landscaping in oranges and reds and it will look super cute!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Color Ideas for Front Door Shutters?
7/1/09 03:24 PM

Yep, barn door hardware. We've bought it from McCoy's, and Tractor Supply Co. probably carries them as well. Good luck!

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3/27/09 09:43 AM

Over the top is the correct way and the green way!

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3/19/09 10:59 AM

Gotta say it's Top Gun!

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10/22/08 01:46 PM

Ikea sells a stainless backsplash that can work with an organization rail (part of the Asker system I believe). I put it above and on the sidewall next to my gas stove, and now I use magnetic containers for spices, hooks for my utensils, etc. It's super convenient and looks great. We used liquid nails to attach it to the drywall and it has held up wonderfully.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Backsplash for Sidewall?
10/14/08 07:50 AM

You could also try an LED bike light attached to his collar - like this one:

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Suggestions for a Lighted Dog Collar?
9/10/08 11:33 AM

Ecos laundry detergent

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9/5/08 01:04 PM

Yum, hopefully there will be some recipes for veggies from my garden!

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9/5/08 11:03 AM

Our dog LOVES Turkey Creek, and we love that it's a great hike for humans too!

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9/4/08 09:46 AM

I love my gray elephant watering can! Got it in Arlington, Mass at a little shop on Mass. Ave. (just like the one pictured).

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9/2/08 06:40 AM


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