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some of you might be interested in the book "snoop: what your stuff says about you" by Sam Gosling. It's a nonfiction book, a la Blink, etc (Gosling's research was in Blink as well) that came out recently.

it's a fun read, but especially the last chapter has to do with your home and how you feel, behave, and so on inside it. gosling has a sense of humor as well.

another one is a classic in environmental psychology: 'house as a mirror of self' by clare cooper marcus. great insights into psychology and home.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What Does Your Home Say About You?
9/15/08 09:44 PM

stormpulse. and my dad, he lives in south texas on the coast...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Survey: How Do You Keep Up With the Weather? Austin
9/12/08 08:21 PM

latanya loves the velvet rocking chair in our living room.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Part Of Your House Does Your Pet Claim?
9/12/08 08:17 PM

i like the orange of a can of cafe du monde chicory.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Orange, White and Succulent Green Combo! Austin
9/10/08 04:13 PM

great movie. thanks for the reminder elvedon:)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Visiting Your Pet Friendly Friends
9/5/08 08:23 PM

maybe i'm rough with my bodum glassware, but i've had so many of the double-walled tumblers break...i don't want the danger of a bowl, though they look spectacular...

Apartment Therapy New York | Sora Bowl from Bodum
9/4/08 08:00 PM

We're moving to a new neighborhood along with our mostly outdoor cat. What can we do to make this transition easier for her? Should we keep her inside the new home for awhile or let her explore?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Get Ready for Pets Month!
8/29/08 09:59 PM

can't they mask those condos downtown so that they disappear as well. thus far, i don't find any of those new ones beautiful or even entertaining...and i am all for building up rather than out. how about some sort of plasma screen so we can slap an image of town lake on there? or just blue sky where, well, sky used to be?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Parking Garage Architecture Austin
8/25/08 10:34 PM

it's sad that so many people, especially those in the design professions and those who just love design, are not more aware of fields such as design psychology. i think it's the fault of education and researchers themselves. chris travis is attempting to ameliorate that disconnect between design and human beings (their psychical and psychological make ups). while i'm sure he would love the recognition for his own architecture firm, his point is that design can be therapeutic. that Truehome concept, though not visible in the article, is meant to be applied by other designers as well. if and when the website becomes fully functional, anyone would be able to take their results to any designer...not just him.

Apartment Therapy New York | Emotional Architecture: What Do You Really Want? The New York Times 7.17.08
7/21/08 08:02 AM