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I just store my fruits and vegetables in the cripser drawers of my fridge. Potatoes, garlic, onions, leeks and such I store in the pantry. No extra plastic or paper towel; I just wipe the fridge every other weekend or so before I put in the new stuff from market.

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8/1/11 03:10 PM

Like KkatMpls, I sometimes get discouraged after a dinner party when the last thing I want to do is clean. Right now, too, I'm trying to keep in clean and organized so I won't have to spend too much time in there b/c it's super hot.

I also hated it last spring when I got a leak from one of the windows and it just looked so sad and derelict.

Do You Ever Not Like the Kitchen?
7/22/11 02:02 PM

Renovated ours 3-4 yrs ago in New York City. No structural changes or moving gas lines or such. Total -- labor, new cabinets, appliances, etc. -- about 8K.

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6/20/11 03:07 PM

Beautiful kitchen! I love the open shelves and colorful bowls. And the sink is fabulous.

Your dish rack seems awfully sleek, do you mind sharing where it's from?

Lovely dining room and garden, too!

Kitchen Tour: Sara and Tom's Cooking Wonderland
5/20/11 01:45 PM

One of the best house tours ever. Beautiful, creative, original mixture of styles and items. The garden -- drop dead gorgeous!

Terrific job.

Penny & Mark's Charming Family Home
House Tour

4/8/11 01:56 PM

cool but I can't get a sense of the place as a whole.

@JPK -- I saw that, too! Hilarious!

Ryan's Collections in Columbus
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3/14/11 06:27 PM

this looks delicious!

Last Minute Valentine's Recipe: Blood Orange Parfait
3/11/11 09:09 PM

Nice place, the space is amazing. It's interesting to see the owners combine such modern bathroom design in such a traditional brownstone. Very Euro (in a good way).

It must be awfully hard to live through renovation with 2 kids but these guys seem to have the madness under control.

Thanks for sharing and good luck!

Katherine's Meticulous Work in Progress
House Tour

3/9/11 03:10 PM

wall of books = gorgeous
windows = amazing
seating area = really lovely
dining area = classy

I can't imagine where the bedroom is in relation to the living/dining area, though.

@amberart-- yes!

Tribeca Loft by Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects
Professional Project

3/9/11 03:00 PM

a-freaking-mazing! totally surprising combination of surprising elements -- the orange, the rug, the bathtub, the unfinished wood. AWESOME.

Steven's Relocated Beach Cottage
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3/7/11 12:53 PM

Wow! Amazing, non-cliche, gorgeous.

Those bookshelves and that dog -- OMG!

Paul & Isa's Canadian Contemporary Loft
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3/3/11 11:14 PM

Wonderful place! I love the paint colors everywhere. My favorite element, though, is the blue mannequin.

Thanks for sharing.

Michael & Benjamin's Modern Contemporary Apartment
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3/2/11 07:28 PM

Not the Billy. I, like all academics, have many of them but they do sag. I am about to replace a bunch of shelves before they get even worse.

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3/2/11 07:13 PM

Beautiful, thanks for posting it. I'm also thinking of putting up bookshelves in the dining room since I'm running out of walls in the rest of the apartment and this transformation is definitely encouraging.

Before & After: Inon's "Cozified" Dining Room
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2/28/11 02:53 PM

Good work but I feel that a big part of the job was getting rid of the clutter and extra stuff everywhere.

Before & Afters from Fowler Architects
2/28/11 12:30 PM

I'm gaga over this house. Gorgeous, nice, clean and livable.

Risa & Nick's Modern Architectural Rehab
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2/28/11 12:27 PM

@vmorg -- you can easily incorporate them in tomato sauce. Just add a couple right after the garlic, and swirl them around with a wooden spoon, they will disintegrate, and will only remain as a depth of taste. You can add filets to pizzas or salads -- there's no head or anything to worry about. Don't worry about the occasional bone because it's so thin and so well cured that almost doesn't feel like a bone.

Controversial Cooking: How Do You Feel About Anchovies?
2/18/11 02:12 PM

yes, though probably not a super expensive one. I currently have a lightweight oriental rug there that gets washed often and works and looks fabulous.

Would You Put an Antique or Oriental Rug in Your Kitchen?
2/18/11 01:55 PM

AWESOME, esp the first one.

Atmos Staircases by Alex Haw
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2/14/11 02:55 PM

unabridged, you are judging too hastily. Dan is neither rude nor pretentious. He is a college student working on his place in good faith and an open mind, and by himself, as in literally building stuff with his own hands. You should check out his blog, you will appreciate the process better.

Dan rocks!

Before & After: Daniel's Stunning Bedroom
Manhattan Nest

2/10/11 12:34 PM