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I want to highly recommend Eric's service. I just moved here and am starting work soon, so I needed to furnish my apartment quickly. The delivery prices from were staggering, and this was a much better alternative.

I had been visiting the Brooklyn Ikea to figure out everything I needed, and then I contacted him the day before I wanted to go - and he was happy to help.

I got the Titanium package, which costs $110 $8 for the toll. Eric drove me to Paramus in his SUV, which had the pieces I wanted. He was very friendly and professional, and fun to talk to.

If you are like me and new to NYC, without a car, another bonus is the trip to Paramus. The views are amazing ion a clear sunny day because you get to go over the bridge and seeing the city across the water.

I highly recommend making the list before you go - I got out in 2 hours (spending about an hour in the marketplace and an hour in the self-service area, picking up flat-packed boxes). I simply called Eric before I payed and he found me at the checkout line and brought the stuff out to his SUV.

Eric quickly loaded the SUV, and everything fit, to my relief (a malm bed, a foam mattress, slats, a dresser, a dining table, a work table, 3 chairs, a tv stand, several lamps, the startboxes, plus a lot of household odds and ends). A lot of the pieces were pretty heavy and I was glad to have the extra person to help with the lifting. Offloading was also very efficient, as we simply loaded the apartment elevator and into my place and we were done. Total time was about three and a half hours. Completely worth it.

I would totally use his service again, and probably will to get a sofa.

Apartment Therapy New York | IKEA Pickup Delivery by Eric
7/19/08 08:40 PM