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Gorgeous!! Can you share the source of the ornate white mirror in the master bedroom, as well as the master bedroom bedding? Thank you!

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2/28/12 02:53 PM

I love the walls as is too

The pear print -- is it Marimekko?

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8/17/11 04:39 PM

really, really impressive ~ and inspiring!

My Party: RosieSt. Louis, MO | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/12/10 11:22 AM

Thank you for the link to the cake recipe Agna!

Perhaps I'll give it another go for my daughter's half birthday!

My Party: Beatrix Middlefield, CT | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/25/10 08:53 AM

Hi Agna!

I love your photos and Happy Birthday to Trixie!

I wonder if you might share the recipe for Trixie's lovely birthday cake, as well as describe a little bit about how you decorated it?

I don't have much baking experience and I really struggled with my daughter's birthday cake this year. I hope to do a better job next year!

My Party: Beatrix Middlefield, CT | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/24/10 03:11 PM

Wonderful!! We have a little Zoe too! She is 13 months now. We are collecting "Z"s for her room. Where did you find your great letters making up Amelie's and Zoe's names?

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12/10/08 10:11 AM

We love the Stokke changing table. Facing our little girl during changing time really does facilitate bonding. And although she is now a wriggly and feisty one year old, she still relaxes on the changing table for diaper changes ~ maybe because the table is comfortable for her too?

The storage on the changing table is great, with handy side compartments as well as shelves underneath. To keep things neat on the shelves underneath, we use the IKEA Komplement boxes, which fit perfectly.

The table apparently converts to a desk later on.

Hope this is helpful!

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12/4/08 10:48 AM


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9/26/08 06:20 AM

Calm, clean, simple . . . I love it! We are setting up our playroom for our baby Zoe right now, and we're looking for storage / shelving. Is your cube shelving from Ikea?

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7/30/08 03:53 AM

thanks Robin P!

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7/20/08 03:47 PM

Before the "most popular posts" section above i see a great piece by Samuel Anderson with a blue bird on a brown branch. Can you let me know where to find his work?

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7/19/08 06:33 PM

Emma_Kate, thanks for the info on the table,

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7/19/08 06:18 PM

I also love the window treatments ~ can you let me know the source of the drapes, rods, and holdbacks? Thank you!

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7/19/08 06:12 PM

I love how you've used your picture molding. Can you let me know the source of your hooks and cord for hanging?

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7/19/08 05:59 PM