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Hi, FlixBix, the book is called:

“A Second Chance: What Economic Opportunities Mean for Impoverished Women in Rwanda”

By: Rakiya Omaar & Elizabeth Ashamu of African Rights

Happy Reading!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Macy's Shop For a Better World Fair Trade Product Line
9/26/08 09:02 AM

Hi Maya B

Erica tells me that it's the same concept, but that she cut the covers out. Happy crafting!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How To: Craft a Table Using Old Magazines
9/10/08 07:29 AM

hi mh330,

The link doesn't map out sites, but if you go to the "calendar" section, it does list a phone number and website for compost centers in the different boroughs. Hopefully they can tell you where your nearest center is. For this one, which is the "North Brooklyn" compost center, the e-mail contact is: Hope that helps!

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9/10/08 07:19 AM

I know what you mean about the letters--the ones covered in fabric always seemed a little too country cottage-y for me, but this one's kinda cute.

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8/18/08 04:58 PM

I've done some traveling in undeveloped countries myself, and what to do with trash is a real problem. It kills you to toss an empty water bottle when you know it won't be recycled, yet you really cannot drink the tap water. One alternative is to bring a SIGG and use an iodine treatment process! But, hey, crafting with the empties is cool, too.

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7/19/08 12:06 PM