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I've lived in Florida and the South for my entire life. I think scented candles, seasonal decorations and a good attitude are the best way to get into the mindset of fall and winter. It might be warm outside but surrounding yourself with pumpkins, leaves, mums, etc., do help a lot!

How To "Fake" the Fall Season in Florida? Good Questions
8/6/12 11:43 AM

I've started mine as well! I make most of my gifts, so I think the first official Christmas gift was finished in June. I plan on making a lot of quilts this year and with a full-time job, there just isn't enough time in October or November to do this! Plus I have to travel to see family, so there's no such thing as last-minute: everything has to be in the car on the way to my parents' house. Good for you for starting early!

Holiday Shopping In August … Seriously
8/1/12 04:25 PM