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I might be shunned for this but my Ikea straight peeler is very, very good and has lasted me quite some years.
My parents have a Victorinox peeler for tomatoes and the like which is also amazing.
Victorinox overall is astounding quality.

Help! I Need a Vegetable Peeler That Doesn't Suck Good Questions
10/10/13 07:21 PM

Soup! :) Creamy zucchini soup is amazingly easy.
You could also make savory breakfast muffins with some ham, egg, cheese and zucchini.

Help! What Can Do With Giant Zucchini? Good Questions
7/26/13 10:44 AM

My parents always pick up a porcelain tile/small plate or however you'd call these.
They have a pretty neutral wall in the kitchen, so they always pick up a plate or two that's hand painted in a pattern and that goes on the wall. It looks really nice and reminds us of the holidays we've been on. Usually these match as well as they are all colourful (but not too bright) and tasteful.

Do You Have A Go-To Souvenir?
7/22/13 12:42 PM

Mozzarella and tomatoes with some basil and oregano and toasted ciabatta on the side will definitely keep me happy for days on end.

Why I Love Summer: Embracing Lazy Cooking
7/22/13 12:34 PM

Beets are amazing in salads. Traditional Estonian salad is grated beet, grated cheese (gouda or similar) and some mayo and garlic. Mix it up and it is heaven!

I also love eating pickled beets alongside my salad and they pair very nicely with cooked potatoes.

My New Salad Crush: Pickled Beets
7/18/13 06:02 PM

This is such a good idea to have permanently in the pantry - travelling mix is an added bonus!

Tip: Bring Homemade Pancake Mix on Your Next Trip
6/21/13 05:49 PM

My family has never been robbed and luckily we have a security system and a big dog that would never follow strangers. Quite sure that if a stranger walked in through the front door and we weren't there to greet the person, our dog would attack them :)

However, looking around I can see that if a burglar was to get in, even in 10-15 minutes, they'd have a lot of easy loot.

8 Secret Spots to Hide Valuables at Home
6/18/13 08:41 AM

Woah. That's a thought that hadn't even occurred to me but it makes so much sense... even if it is a friend you can never know for sure what they're into to...

8 Secret Spots to Hide Valuables at Home
6/18/13 08:38 AM

Living in Belgium...full of awesome beer, my summer favourites are Hoegaarden with a slice of lemon in it - a wonderful white beer and also Lindeman's or Mort Subite Kriek (cherry beers)
So refreshing and easy on a hot day :)

What's Your Favorite Summer Beer? Plus 5 to Try This Summer Beer Session
6/6/13 06:27 PM

I have a Brita refillable filter bottle. It's great and has a sleek design; but it is aimed at casual drinkers; I imagine for sporting the first bottle on this list might be more convenient.

Either way, it means I drink lots of water throughout the day and it filters some taste that certain tap waters have as well as keeping out any weird stuff :) Love it!

Filtered Water On the Go! 5 Water Bottles with Built-In Filters Product Roundup
6/4/13 09:05 PM

These bottles mean that we are drinking tap water; just filtering it doesn't make a difference in the end, does it? I feel happier drinking water from an unknown tap if it runs through the filter in my bottle.
Might I add- although America based, not everyone lives in a country where every source of tap water is safe ;) Keep an open mind.

Besides, I use my filter bottle just because it makes the tap water from my apartment taste just that bit nicer.

Filtered Water On the Go! 5 Water Bottles with Built-In Filters Product Roundup
6/4/13 09:03 PM

For that, or then just general caution. I have a refillable Brita water filter bottle that I carry around and fill but sometimes you can't be entirely sure of the water coming out of a tap. Having it filtered is a nice step :)

Filtered Water On the Go! 5 Water Bottles with Built-In Filters Product Roundup
6/4/13 09:01 PM

A friend of mine has only one of these Ikea wall shelves where she 'displays' the three-four books she currently going through, planning to make recipes from. It reminds her to pick them up more often and are a nice decoration in a moderate sized kitchen. Especially since she has so few of them on display. The rest are stored traditionally in her living room.
So I find that she's made it practical for herself without being "in your face' by over-doing it.

Would You Ever Store Your Cookbooks Facing Out Like This? Kitchen Inspiration
6/3/13 11:53 AM

That's what I thought. Besides, I don't see why there has to be a condiment trend...
My boyfriend and I have a handful of choices, all things we use regularly and not just for that one recipe you'll probably never make again.
If I find a new condiment that I enjoy and can use in multiple meals, it might be a part of the collection again until I get sick of it.

The New Sriracha? 25 Condiments That Could Be the Next Must-Have Thing Food News
6/3/13 11:49 AM

Speaking as an ex-kid (I'm now 20) chopped up veggies and fruit are actually great (so slices of carrots, bits of cauliflower, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, grapes, apple slices)
They make it more fun to eat and if you have a cooler, you can ever make some dip or take hummus with you as well) In principle, chopped up/bite size is more enjoyable than just handing over an apple.
But when we stopped at a gas station later on in the drive/afternoon, my brother and I were always allowed to choose one drink and snack of our choice each, and that was it for that day and because it was our choice what we wanted which was always a good treat as we didn't really have fatty foods and soda at home that often either. So getting that Sprite and a tube of Pringles was awesome. It keeps a nice balance on the healthy stuff and after some hours, especially when the children are getting weary that personal choice of junk will make them happy ;)

This is from my experience of long drives in the car. Hope it helps!

Family Traditions: Snacks for the Road
6/3/13 11:46 AM

Pringles cans are great for storing spaghetti in. I love doing this because the plastic bag tends to rip once open and then they fall and break. A Pringels can fits them perfectly and keeps them safe. Boyfriend wrapped a different paper around the tin though to stop himself from getting his hopes up whenever he spotted them in the pantry..

Care Package Idea: Reuse Pringles Cans!
5/23/13 11:03 AM

I can definitely comment on the fact that lacking kitchen equipment affects the way and what I cook. My boyfriend and I live in a student flat, and we don't even have a hand mixer. All we have is the stove and the oven and I find that I cook very basic things.
When I go home to my parents place, I am so inspired by the fully stocked kitchen :)

On Owning or Not Owning Steak Knives: How Does Kitchen Gear Affect Your Cooking Habits?
5/22/13 07:30 PM

Is it just me, but why not just cook less rice and cook more when needed/wanted? I mean, it cooks fast enough and I don't see it worth freezing and then having to defrost.

Maybe I'm missing the point here but I'd be happy to be schooled on this extra-cooking habit... :)

When You're Tired of Leftovers: Freeze Your Cooked Whole Grains
5/16/13 11:34 AM

Nr.3 - just flip your knife over and use the top/the dull side. Easy peasy and no need for a bench scraper. Been doing this for years :)

3 Ways You May Be Ruining Your Knives
5/13/13 11:33 AM

My boyfriend & I have one that says "If you bring beer you are welcome here"
We're students and we like to party...

First Impressions: Door Mats with Personality
5/8/13 06:33 PM