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Hi Debbie & Tom,
I suggest sanding down the cabinets and re-staining them a really dark brown (like ikea's black-brown color). It's much simpler than it sounds.. perhaps view the credenza post from earlier today for additional ideas. My mom & I did this to our kitchen when I was in high school with a belt sander and some elbow grease. Also, definitely replace the drawer and cabinet pulls with something more modern, and perhaps add some glass cabinet doors where you removed the wooden ones. Ikea has some nice options for pretty cheap.

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3/24/09 02:01 PM

I have this same issue with my bathroom. It has a lot of windows, including a full length one in the shower that's not the least bit frosted! I found some great prints on I bought the "translucent rice paper" for the bathroom, and I'm going to try something with the "structure" print on my french doors. The plaid, metal linen, & jacks prints are also great. The jacks one would go perfectly with our Eames furniture, but my boyfriend doesn't like it :-(

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3/19/09 11:45 AM

Another quick question:
I noticed above that Gregory suggests using vinegar after rinsing the bleach away in order to neutralize it.... won't this cause a toxic cloud of fumes???

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3/12/09 07:33 PM

Hi everyone!! Thank you so much for all of the suggestions. I did try the Goof-off and that didn't seem to work, but I'm going to buy some Ajax after work... I've never been so excited to clean & scrub. I will definitely post pics again when it's complete.

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3/12/09 06:57 PM

i like them all, but rose bowl is still my favorite. my best deal there was a haku maki embossed woodprint for $30... turns out it's listed and worth a whole lot more than i paid for it :-)
generally, i like to scope out things at the rose bowl, and then the following weekend go to vet's stadium. a lot of the same vendors attend both shows, and most of the time, they'll be willing to get rid of a piece for less cash because they weren't successful in selling it the week before. if they still have it, it was meant to be.

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7/18/08 03:05 PM