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Whisks! So weird, I know, but I love them. I've got about 10 of them, way more than I could ever use at one time, but I'm stil always on the lookout for more.

What Special Kitchen Treasures Do You Like to Collect?
2/19/13 11:26 PM

This to me is crazy talk. Food is the language of love in our house. My husband doesn't love cooking it like I do, but he certainly appreciates eating it, and trying out new restaurants is pretty much both our ideas of Nirvana. It certainly wouldn't have been a deal breaker if he wasn't as into food as I am, but I'm sure glad he is!

What Do You Do When the One You Love Doesn't Love Food?
2/14/13 11:42 AM

I have always lived in rural WI, so fresh, untained snow has always been in ample supply for me. Of course we always used to eat snow, but I've NEVER heard of making actual food with it. Pretty sure I would have lost my mind over snow ice cream when I was little.

Would You Eat Fresh Snow?
2/11/13 01:14 PM

I used to be a TOTAL rule follower, no matter what. Now, I like to break them a little when it comes to cooking. Baking however, is a different story. Like orchidsnv above, I've learned that you don't mess with the rules when baking- seriously bad things can happen.

Do You Follow the Rules When You Cook?
2/8/13 12:10 PM

It looks awesome, but that wouldn't be NEAR enough stogage for me!

Would You Do It? Eclectic, Mismatched Upper Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Inspiration
2/1/13 09:33 AM

I've picked up bad products a few times, but I'm always to lazy/busy to return them. The few dollars I would get refunded isn't worth the time it would take to go back to the store, especially during the dead of a Wisconsin winter.

Have You Ever Returned Something to the Grocery Store?
1/30/13 02:04 PM

This makes me glad my mom started teaching me my way around the kitchen in high school. Thanks to her, maybe I'm a little bit ahead of the curve.

First Cake- 16
First Romantic Meal- 17
Dinner Party- 23
Christmas Dinner- 24

Aged to Perfection? Survey Says Women Master Cooking at Age 55
11/7/12 11:52 AM

Funny, I have very dark floors, and I would say the same thing about them! I have all the same issues, and the constant (pointless) sweeping/mopping just about drives me out of my mind! I love the look of my flooring, but no matter what I do, it really never looks quite clean. Maybe the key is to pick more of a medium shade, and not go with either extreme?

On the Kitchen Floor: Dark vs. Light
11/6/12 04:06 PM

I hate to even put this admission out there for the world to see, but here it is: I will still scarf down a can of spaghetti-o's like nobody's business. I openly acknowledge that they are gross, and they likely barely even qualify as "food," but it doesn't matter. Give me a bowl of them, and a grilled cheese sandwich made with kraft singles (also bad, I know), and I'm as happy as a I can be.

The Allure and Comfort of Tastes from Childhood: What Do You Still Crave?
8/3/12 10:43 AM

My worst childhood food memory was one of my own making. One night when I was in about third grade, I decided I was going to use some of the fresh cinnamon bread my mother had bought earlier in the day to make a homemade "cinnamon roll." My father warned me not do waste a piece of the expensive bread, and that if I insisted on making this, I would have to eat it, no matter how it turned out. I was fairly confident in my culinary prowess, so I proceeded with the project. However, being that I was 8, my cooking skills were in actuality, fairly limited. Case in point- I assumed that since I didn't have any of that delicious white glaze laying about, I would substitute it with something I considered to be fairly comprable- strawberry yogurt. I proceeded to smear the yogurt all over the cinnamon bread, and to top everything off, doused it with about a half pound of ice cream sprinkles. I took my first bite of what I was sure would be a heavenly treat, and almost vomitted. My father followed up on his earlier promise, and stood by while I gagged down every single bite of what I had made. That little adventure taught me two things- (1) you do not under ANY circumstances waste good bakery bread, and (2) contrary to popular adolescent belief, sprinkles do not make everything better.

What Was Your Worst Childhood Food Experience?
8/1/12 02:25 PM