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All of these rooms strike me as having quite a bit of natural light...

How To Pick a Perfect Paint Color for a Low Light Room
4/7/14 03:37 PM

Wow, just what I never wanted.

This Fork Adds Flavors to Your Food Design News
4/7/14 03:30 PM

Excuse me, but there are pink lanterns in one of those boys rooms. You are totally going to mess with his identity.

Gender Neutral Color Case Study: Green
1/20/14 05:08 PM

These would all be better with booze

10 Satisfying Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Cold Weather Months
1/16/14 03:04 PM


Industrial Inspired Decor: Fill a Vase with Vintage Light Bulbs Sew a Fine Seam
8/20/13 03:52 PM

Cat in a tv on the tv on the tv console with a cat where the tv would be

Before & After: The Midcentury TV Console Cat Condo Reddit
6/29/13 06:42 PM

What does this have to do with dating?

Apartment Therapy On Why Not To Date a Caveman
6/5/13 01:58 PM

I hope not at all - that is the worst show on TV.

How Sheldon Are You?
3/13/13 03:46 PM

It's chaise longue, as in long chair.

Identify Black Leather Chaise from Suits? Good Questions
1/29/13 11:02 PM

I'm super broke but when Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone Explosion is on sale no budgeting or bank balance can stop me. It is totally worth overlooking the horrible name.

What's Your Secret Grocery Store Indulgence?
1/25/13 01:24 PM

The question here is if you want to invest several hundreds of dollars into an Ikea couch. As bynskimiss points out, Ikea shoppers are very price-conscious so I'm not sure who the market is - maybe people who don't want to spend for a totally new couch but want an update and have a budget of a few hundred dollars. In the end, you'll have Ikea-quality bones that cost you $1000 or more. For some that's okay and for some that's ludicrous.

Knesting: Custom Slipcovers
for IKEA Furniture
Store Profile

1/24/13 11:40 AM

I need serious professional help with this one. I'm in a small basement apartment with few overhead fixtures and lighting it is the bane of my existence. I'm lucky to have full-sized ground level windows but the one in the living room only brings in light for an hour or so a day. There are two small spotlights in one corner of the room and that's it. I'm just totally lost as to what to do without doing any electrical work and being on a tight budget. I never thought I would say this but I just want some POT LIGHTS.

Day 17: Looking at Living Room Lighting Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/24/13 10:39 AM

At least dogs don't mind drinking out of toilets

DIY Elevated Dog Feeding Station Made from School Chairs The DIY Village
1/22/13 12:00 PM

I don't get Whole Foods. The first time I went in there, even the potatoes were imported. I live in Toronto and Ontario is rife with local produce so I don't see the need to bring in US produce when it can be grown here.

I realize this isn't different from regular grocers, but if you are branding and selling yourself with superior ethics, you can be held to such a standard.

Stocking a Healthier Pantry From Whole Foods for $99: Can It Be Done?
1/22/13 10:27 AM

I don't understand the need for an iPhone 5 for a 13 year old but especially with so many restrictions. It's going to be used between what, 4 and 7:30 pm each weekday and then on weekends? One way to avoid many of those bullet points would be to get a basic phone that he can use to text and call his friends, akin to what some lucky kids had before the cell phone revolution - their own line.

Call me resentful but it seems ludicrous to me that a middle-schooler is being given a top-of-the-line piece of technology. Why not start off smaller, let them earn and grow into nicer stuff. Let them save for something (or contribute part of the cost) when they're old enough for a part-time job. Part of the reason Gen Y is constantly considered "entitled" is because so many of us/them are not willing to downgrade or do without.

What Do You Think of This Mom's iPhone Contract For Her 13 Year Old Son?
1/21/13 01:45 PM

Okay I'm not crazy - this is the 4th time it's been posted on AT

Before & After: Old Garage Converted Into Tiny French Home Fair Companies
1/21/13 12:00 PM

This has been around for awhile, in fact, I'm almost certain it was posted to AT...

Before & After: Old Garage Converted Into Tiny French Home Fair Companies
1/21/13 11:58 AM

*ethnic* textiles...eyerolllllllll

Re-Thinking the Gallery Wall:
10 Funky New Ideas

1/15/13 11:14 AM


Day 8: Weekend Chores - Flowers, Kitchen Cleaning & Make Yourself a Meal Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/11/13 11:33 AM

The mess in my 48 sq/ft kitchen builds up SO quickly, so I really need this. I've also been dealing with wheat moths so picking up more airtight containers for cereal and flour will be on my to-do list also.

Day 8: Weekend Chores - Flowers, Kitchen Cleaning & Make Yourself a Meal Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/11/13 11:33 AM