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I would suggest "Trifid" from Osborne & Little ( ). I have it at home and it's amazing.

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1/22/09 03:33 AM

... hum, hum... it seems that a lot of people dislike this way of covering books.

Well, I must say that I love it and I have done the same for years. I love the idea of having all the books looking the same, adding some mistery and the unique pleasure of taking one to discover which one it is.

This is how my library looks ( ) and I use a great software (delicious library) to manage the list.

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8/30/08 07:27 AM

I live in Paris and that's how I found you and since then I am happy to read you every single day. It's such a great source of inspiration. Congratulations !

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7/17/08 12:25 PM