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Are you kidding? If I had a closet large enough, MY bed would go in it! It's like adding and extra room to the house - a completely dark extra room.

Sleeping in the Closet | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/24/10 02:44 PM

Took a long time for someone to bring up Playboy ... and no one responded. I would be offended if there were framed Playboy centerfolds in someone's home. I'm also offended by Snap On calendars, and I am friends with people who are offended by my offense. If a nude is just a drawing of a person with a typical body who happens to be naked, I ahve no problem with it. Nudes designed specifically to cater to non-respectful, prurient interest offend me.
I used to be an artist's model, and I have a nude portrait of myself. It used to hang on my wall, but now it's rolled up in the closet, probably moldy by now, along with all the rest of my prints.

The Proper Place For Nudes | Apartment Therapy DC
3/22/10 03:59 PM

I am interested in the temporary walls, too. Please, could we have some details, maybe even more photos?

Lauren's First Solo Flight House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
3/18/10 05:34 PM

Do they have matching urinals? How about tampon holders?

7 Crazy Colorful Commodes From Jemal Wright | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/16/10 05:02 PM

Anyone who heats any kind of oil and doesn't have a vent is going to end up with a thin film of it on the walls and on whatever is hanging there. I would only want to display washables in my kitchen, but I don't actually see myself washing them or the walls.

Inspiration: Un-kitcheny Kitchens | Apartment Therapy DC
3/15/10 05:41 PM

I'm with kamilya. It would be way cooler to use this technology for windows. Besides, what is the advantage to a transparent bathroom wall, anyway? Why do I want to see the shower stall from the bed?

Smart Glass Bathroom Walls At the Brew House Hotel | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/15/10 05:19 PM

Toilet spray toothbrush in the open = Keep the lid down AND stow the toothbrush in the medicine cabinet.

12 Quirky, Alternative Toothbrush Holders | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/12/10 05:58 PM

Adorable, but ephemeral.

Look! Pothole Gardens | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/10/10 01:29 PM

There is just something about the edible Tinkerbells that is creepy. I'm picturing the eating process consisting of pulling her apart and eating her piece by piece. Disturbing.

30 New DIY Cake Ideas Parenting Magazine | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/10/10 01:22 PM

Loving the cig in France's breakfast.

In What Country Would You Eat This For Breakfast? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/10/10 12:24 PM

ps, at eye level in front of the urinal goes the "Inspire, Motivate, and Realize" sign.

A Modern Minimalist Back To Basics Bath | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/10/10 12:14 PM

I lived in 4 person dorm suite one summer, and it had its own bathroom with a toilet stall and a shower stall with small changing area. My 3 dorm mates insisted on using it one at a time, and always closed the door when I showered (in 95 degree heat and humidity with no bathroom fan). Whatevs.

Like the other patrick, I am loving the tampon vs. urinal conversations. It's a bathroom. Where one goes to take care of excretory functions. It's would be different if we were talking about putting this stuff in the living room, but they go in the BATHROOM.

Me, I'm going to put the relaxation area w/ tampon holder right next to the urinal.

A Modern Minimalist Back To Basics Bath | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/10/10 12:13 PM

Why are tampons out in the open, in the bathroom, such a big deal? I mean, the roll of TP is right there out in the open. Is menstrual blood *really* more taboo than urine and feces? Wow, people.

What Is This in Our Bathroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
3/10/10 11:58 AM

Marie Antoinette trading cards are in play? *off to learn crochet*

DIY Crocheted Nordic Light PendantFrom Pickles | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/10/10 11:35 AM


Shouldn't that read: an egg is no more meat than an egg is a human being?

Help Settle This Debate: Are Eggs Meat? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/8/10 03:49 PM

@jmorri26 - engine oil and cooking oil are completely different products. The former is a petroleum product, and the later is not. Car repair places recycle the used engine oil, and they most definitely don't want it contaminated with bacon grease.

What Is the Best Way To: Dispose of Kitchen Grease? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/25/10 03:51 PM

As an option to declawing, try soft paws. They are blunt vinyl claw covers. They are wide enough that they will prevent her from fitting her claws in the screen so she won't be able to climb it. Go ahead and continue to trim.

The only way to make spraying her effective is to hide the bottle from her. You want her to associate the water with the SCREEN, not with YOU. If she sees you spraying, she will know it's you and just climb when you aren't looking.

And, BELLEH! Sorry, couldn't help it.

How Do I Prevent My Cats From Climbing Onto the Screen? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/25/10 03:44 PM

Knotting the drapes pulls them up out of the way without using cords. I happen to like how it looks, but it's a matter of taste.

The Real Vertical House Gets A Facelift | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/25/10 03:31 PM

All the people claiming tap water won't explode should have a rumble with all the people who have personally witnessed tap water explode.

Fact or Fiction? Exploding Water in the Microwave | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/24/10 01:32 PM

How does a prospective landlord know that I am, in fact, that perfect tenant that loveoldthings mentions? In addition to being very quiet, rent-paying, and non-destructive, I hate hate hate moving and will stay in a place indefinitely. How do I convince a landlord of this in order to be able to negotiate?

How to Negotiate Apartment Leases | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/24/10 01:17 PM