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I totally love this place. Its clear that these guys know what they like and that is so cool. But, when I see them perched on the edge of that couch, they seem to dwarf the furniture and I can't help but wonder how comfortable it is for them. I think they need a big huge leather chesterfield -- even if its not mid century.

Charlie & Tommy's Haven of Curated Classics House Tour
10/18/13 07:09 PM

Fabulous art!

Drew & Ceara's Hollywood Hills Home House Tour
9/17/13 09:40 AM

Great comments! I agree you should use the walls for perches in place of cat trees. But that's a commitment and lots of renters just can't do that.

My cat has never had a tree, but she loves her Catty Stacks. We have six right in front of a large window. I think it must be cat heaven They're basically beefed up boxes that you can configure how you like, so they will seem a bit expensive. Still cheaper than lots of designer cat trees. Cats can climb and lounge on 'em. I keep a bed for her in of the boxes, too. They also look pretty decent, are durable and easily moved.

Here you go: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_sr_pet-supplies?_encoding=UTF8&field-brandtextbin=Catty%20Stacks&node=2619533011

Stylish Cat Tree for Studio Apartment? Good Questions
7/16/13 07:01 PM

My CL experiences here in Charlotte, NC as both a buyer and seller have been extremely pleasant. Most of the people I have dealt with were pretty savvy about how CL works -- CL has been here a good while. Yeah, I've had the few scammers try to waste my time. But, the only bad experiences have been the one flake that never showed up to not one but two appointments and a "Christian" lady that sent me flaming profanity laced emails after I refused to sell her a dining set for a 10th of the asking price.

And, I agree with Mary BC, if they have the cash and agree to my asking price, the first person that can come to take it away is the winner. I'm not waiting for the possibility that you will show up or that you will even want it. If you are really hot for something I'm selling, pay for it and arrange a later pick up time. I have had one gentleman, send me a Paypal payment to make sure I could hold a vacuum until he had time to pick it up on the weekend. Worked for me.

Most people are not murdering psychos. Not once have I been uncomfortable with anyone on CL. But, I keep to a few safety rules: I have to have their name/number and email. If I go to their home to see something, I check the neighborhood and try to only deal with professional people I can verify -- LinkedIn/major employer email address. If someone is coming to my house, I never give my address number until they are near the complex. I keep the door and windows open -- I'm "lucky" to live in a very active townhome complex with nosy neighbors. The two times I have met someone (always guys by the way) -- it was in a very public parking lot in a nice side of town.

What's Your City's Craigslist Culture?
7/6/13 12:59 PM

I love all the comments here. I totally agree with "tidy people have less stuff." Quite simply, its harder to clean when you spend most of that time cleaning around all the stuff. That goes for families or for single folks.

I had pretty good habits of picking up and cleaning regularly. I cleaned as I cooked, kept baskets to collect out of place stuff, etc. But, after living in my home for nearly 15 years, I had accumulated just a ton of stuff. At some point it became it became more and more difficult to keep everything tidy and clean. I even had a guest room/office that was totally unusable, because it was stuffed with "stuff." Once I started to refer to my house as the "starter hoarder home," I knew I had to do something about it.

So, for over a year, I have gone on periodic binges of just getting rid of the "stuff." Going room to room, donating, selling, recycling or trashing anything I don't or can't use, then organizing what's left. (Its been eye opening. I finally realized that I kept tons of stuff for lots of reasons other than that I used it or liked it. Not surprising as I had a mother that would go thru my trash even after I was an adult and remove things she deemed "still good.")

Anyway, I just finished the kitchen purge. The difference is amazing. It has taken cleaning the kitchen from a huge time sucking chore that could take well over an hour every weekend just to get it to safe for cooking to super easy to keep clean and organized on a daily basis with minimal effort. The reason it is so much easier really is that there is less stuff to clean around. Nothing falls out of cramped cabinets, so I don't feel dread every time I go to find something. And, it's way easier to put stuff away when everything has a place to go. I still have all my baking supplies, gadgets and napkins. etc. Its just that I only have what I actually use or like.

Bottom line: Life is just way easier and pleasant and tidy with less stuff.

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
7/2/13 02:40 AM

I'm not wild about drapes. I don't have any in my home since allergies are such an issue. That's probably why they always look odd and untidy to me.

I have white wood blinds on every window in my howe. Thee blinds are easy to clean and both control the light and insulate in all weather. I made sure to match them to the color of the trim throughout the house, so they contrast with the wall paint colors. It's probably not a look for everyone, but it seems fresh and clean to me.

I love some of the modern rolling shades like the Delia ones mentioned above. Next house.

Apartment Therapy on Covering Your Windows Renovation Diary
6/17/13 08:11 PM

This is freakin' fantastic. I love how so many of Fran's things were used and how awesome they look in the refreshed space. And, it's so nice to see her happy face at the end.

Before & After: Emily Henderson Transforms a Senior's Studio Space
5/23/13 06:25 PM

I totally understand why a lot of folks don't want to spend a lot of money for cardboard. I know I balked at spending over $60 on a bunch of cardboard boxes, but finally broke down and bought 6 Catty Stacks boxes on a special. My cat loves them. They are her bed, a place to hide, stairs and perches. They are super sturdy and made out of extra strong cardboard -- not the normal kind -- so, they will look like they will last. You can also configure them to your cat's needs and your space. In addition, they aren't bad looking. So, for me, they were worth the money. Check em out at


But, really, my my cat's favorite toy is an empty toilet paper roll. So, no one has to pay that much to spoil their pets. Your cat simply doesn't care how much you spent on it.

There are some great alternatives to all those fancy cardboard boxes if you wanna do it yourself and save some dough. I love this one from Martha Stewart:


And, feel free to check out http://pinterest.com/pshores/totally-cool-cat-sh-t/ for more cat stuff.

Reigning Cats & Dogs:
10 Sources for Stylish Pet Products

4/18/13 01:14 PM

Sorry -- it just brings back horrible childhood memories of the 70s.

Before & After: A Pillowy Soft Media Room Makeover Reddit
4/5/13 01:46 PM

I purchased an Ammero armchair last summer and found 2 used circle chairs, which Ikea doesn't seem to sell any longer, from the same line as well. All three have been out -- on a patio with no coverings -- in all weather here in North Carolina. They still look brand new. The armchair is super comfortable. I would heartily recommend them.

Reviews of IKEA Outdoor Furniture? Good Questions
4/3/13 12:18 AM

I recently installed the 1st Gen Nest -- it was greatly discounted. And, so far I have been really pleased. Primarily, I like the looks and the ease at which I can change the temp from my phone, ipad and computer. The instructions were pretty simple and installation took me less than 15 minutes. I guess this post does illustrate just how easy it is to install on your own -- if you have a relatively newish heat/air system. Mine is 13 years old if that helps anyone out. I will say that the Nest actually replaced a rudimentary programmable thermostat that I never used, while I am using the Nest. I am hoping the Nest helps with the electric bill this summer.

How To Install a Nest Thermostat Apartment Therapy Tutorial
4/1/13 01:10 PM

They're all lovely, but I can't help imagining the carpets with milk and apple juice stains....

Sophisticated Nurseries: 10 Rooms with Grownup Style
1/29/13 08:06 PM

Visits are one thing, but basically housing and feeding someone for months on end is NOT a visit. Not everyone can differentiate between the two. Several years back when I had only been out of college for a year or so, I had some college friends that asked if a friend of theirs could stay with me. She had just graduated from college and gotten a job in town. I told them that was wonderful, and that I would be glad to have her for a few days or even a week til she found her own place. They were like -- no, she needs to stay the entire summer. I said something about halving the rent and utilities. There was some consternation. Apparently, they thought I would house this girl all summer. (And, did I mention she didn't have a car and this was a car town.) They told me I was being super selfish to want her to pay her way. Their argument was that I was already renting the place, and it wouldn't cost me any extra for her to stay with me. I'm still amazed at their attitude. We've never discussed it since.

5 Tips for Being a Good Overnight Guest
10/1/12 05:16 PM

I gotta address the naysayers about changing the toilet seats. Most toilet seats are made of painted wood or plastic. Both wood and plastic are relatively porous when compared to stone, metal or ceramic. That means wood and plastic absorb odors and germs that even Clorox cannot eradicate. Wood and plastic also stain -- take a look at the underside of a used toilet. If you can't get the stain out, can you really get the germs out? Just sayin.

How to Make it Yours: The First Things to Do in a New Home
8/9/12 01:26 PM

I'm sorry, but the paw bottle opener is just plain nasty to me. It doesn't matter that it was a gift. I can't imagine wanting to pick up a dead animal limb to open a bottle. And, I can't understand the mind of anyone that finds that attractive and decorative. Yeah, taxidermy has been around for hundreds of years, but I would hope that times and people change and grow. Frankly, I couldn't even finish the tour -- I was in the middle of lunch at my desk. Thanks AT.

Dean's Stylish & Social Greystone House Tour
3/16/12 02:11 PM

I gotta say that I don't have a problem with TVs out in the open. In fact, I don't see why it can't add to your decor. In the summer, I have a underwater video or fish tank dvd playing and in the winter I play a fireplace dvd. And, of course the cat has to have her catnip video of birds and squirrels on heavy rotation.

Designing Your Space: TV, To Hide or Not to Hide
12/2/11 01:31 PM

Cool. But, I always loved the look of "Interiors."

Cinema Style: 20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors
8/3/11 01:31 PM

A was kinda an obvious choice due to its rarity and original finish. However, it also has a number of other features that should be pointed out, such as the delicacy of the turned stretchers and arms, the ladderback itself which goes from large to small, and the beautiful wood showing thru the wear in the painted finish. It is not something you are likely to find in Walmart.

Quiz Answer: The Chair That Costs More Than a New Car!
7/2/11 12:28 PM

A - American furniture prior to the 18th century with the original finish -- sure looks like it -- is usually rarer an more valuable than any European furniture of the same time. Whatever, I still love the looks of C.

Can You Tell Which Chair Costs More Than a New Car?
Design Quiz

6/30/11 01:57 PM

I loved this episode! What made it so funny is that they were not discriminating in what they choose to pick out of the trash -- everything was wonderful. And, that is the point: Is that object you just pulled out of the trash worth it upon close inspection and consideration? If not, you have to be able to throw the fish back in the pond! Or, you will end up surrounded by trash. I have dumpster dived upon occasion -- people throw out some great stuff -- and I would not be considered alternative at all. My last rescues were two dining chairs that I cleaned up and sold for $30 on craigslist within 15 hours of posting them. So, I will probably keep "picking."

Dumpster Diving and DIY: Is It Really Worth Your Time?
3/9/11 07:44 PM