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I should probably comment on how to get rid of the smell too....

Moth balls (the natural kind) are made from naphthalene gas. It's harmless to humans unless ingested or inhaled in extremely strong quantities, in which case, one would experience dizziness.

I've recently taken some rugs out of storage and am airing them out. So far, the quickest way to rid the smell of moth balls is a good dose of fresh air as the gas will eventually diminish.

If it continues, then it's best to find the source of the moth balls. Some people (especially in NYC) use moth balls illegally to ward of mice and roaches. If the smell continues, the best thing to do is ask around and if you find the source, politely ask the person to kindly not use as many moth balls. If they're putting them in the walls / floor cracks, tell them to stop.

How To Get Rid Of Moth Ball Smell?
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3/28/11 01:32 PM

Dear Camphor, used to keep silver from tarnishing, smells almost exactly like moth balls.

If you live on E. 78th street, well, then it's likely moth balls and, likely me. Sorry!

How To Get Rid Of Moth Ball Smell?
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3/28/11 01:24 PM

Although I agree with the idea of nautical themes, i don't always think of circular windows as being literally nautical port holes.

Instead, circular windows (at least for me) invoke a childish recollection of peeking through a hole in the wall to see the world that exists on the other side. That is the allure of the circular window and less the novelty of it belonging on a boat.

I must agree is with bepsf: round mirrors and wine racks? Not really nautical either, just a different shape.

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2/2/10 07:44 PM

oops, meant to say "how have I NOT noticed this place before"

Apartment Therapy New York | PlantTherapy: A Stop In at GRDN
8/23/08 06:26 PM

Odd... This is right around the corner from me. How have I noticed this place before? It's hard to find good plant stores in the NY area, or at least one that doesn't charge $90 for a standard Boston fern!!

Apartment Therapy New York | PlantTherapy: A Stop In at GRDN
8/23/08 06:26 PM

One kitchen drawer.
In a 500 sq/ft apartment, I would kill for just one kitchen drawer right now.

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8/20/08 06:27 PM

How are the numbers brighter than the surrounding? I would have expected them to cast a shadow (they look dark on the window). Also, how did they get reversed? Is it reflecting off of something else?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Our House Numbers Projected
7/31/08 02:46 PM

I believe that's the rare and elusive "Theo van Doesburg" beetle, close cousin to the lady bug, but prefers to express it's preference in geometric art: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theo_van_Doesburg

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7/28/08 06:33 PM

There is something similar for a little cheaper over at dwell:

Apartment Therapy New York | Floating Drawers from West Elm
7/16/08 04:03 PM