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I have a 'Best Drying Rack' in my basement, and though the space is big enough to leave it set up all the time, it collapses to a size roughly like a very thick rolled-up umbrella. On non-windy days I take it outside to use for that fresh scent!

In use on a windy day. Oops!:

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9/3/11 08:45 AM

So, where were the coats?

A Place To Hang Your Hat: Modern Coat Racks
11/26/10 06:31 PM

I disagree with all the nay-sayers. It's a pin, not a nail. It's going to make a tiny, tiny hole that will easily be fixed by rubbing your thumb on the fabric.

Pin away, I say. Clever idea.

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6/8/10 08:10 PM

I use plain white washcloths with my Swiffer. A little water and they are good to go for damp-mopping.

No More Throwaways: Reusable Cleaning Tools | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/8/10 10:24 PM

This is a bit off-topic for grommets, but I used fabric and liquid starch, @Seaside, if it helps with your cactus problem.

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2/28/09 11:09 PM

We also use ours as the ultimate junk drawer. They're just so handy! I have some empty spots, though, so maybe I'll have a few wine drawers.....

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2/7/09 06:27 PM

When we paid off our car I hid the title in a really, really safe spot since we were going out of town.

Such a safe spot - I have no idea where it's been for seven years.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Do You Hide Money In Your Home?
9/27/08 03:31 PM

I have both Envirosax and Chico Bags, and usually keep at least one of each in my purse. Envirosax are HUGE, but you have to be careful about loading boxes in there - I've punctured a few holes, but I just repair them. The Chico Bags are smaller, but so much easier to re-compact. (I think I just made up a word.) Stuff it in the bag and you're done. Envirosax require some origami skills.

I did a little review of them a while back:

I'm trying very hard to resist buying some RuMe bags or those awesome Baggu bags! (It's not environmentally responsible if I have a hundred reusable bags.)

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7/16/08 09:23 AM