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better than a clock would be a picture of a clock.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: What Should I Do With the Blank Space Above My Stove?
10/3/08 02:02 AM

benjamin moore "dark linen"

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Seeking a Neutral Green?
9/25/08 11:24 AM

I would get a small tv unit (like this one: ) and put the tv in the corner next to the air conditioner. turn the couch so that its back is against the wall that its arm is currently touching and move it towards the door to the balcony, leaving about a foot of clearance for the door to still be able to be opened. turn the turntables around but keep them pretty much where they are right now. the turntables can act as a divider that separates the dining and living rooms. the wall next to the tv in the corner can be used for bookshelves or cabinets for your stuff. next, get a long dining table that rests in the middle of the wall where your tv currently is, so that it points lengthwise into the room. you could even have some space between the wall and the table, for easier access to the seats in that corner. I quite like the high dining table look of this:
in the 47 x 23 x 41 size, maybe with the brown table top.
also, get some curtains to cover up the air conditioner / window / door area and finally, paint the walls a more interesting color.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Help! What Should I Do with This Space? Chicago
8/27/08 07:02 AM

2 bedroom / approx. 350 sq. ft.
lower east side (ludlow st. below delancey)
bathtub is in the kitchen.
was paying $875/mo. for the last 4 years.
never want to leave.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: What's Your NYC Rent?
8/25/08 01:41 PM

hooray for chairs!

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7/16/08 08:14 PM