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My house has a wood burning stove, so while I haven't actually turned the heating on yet I'm still staying toasty. I'm a huge baby when it comes to even the slightest chill, and NY is getting increasingly cold.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: When Do You Turn Your Heat On?
10/8/08 01:50 PM

Now, as for the actual painted headboard - I like it. Not everything in a room needs to be painted brightly or stick out in a colorful way. I like sleeping areas to be a bit subdued.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Our Painted Headboard
10/4/08 09:32 AM

I think some of you are being a tad harsh about the original poster's reason for not wanting an actual headboard. It involves a FEAR, and such fears are usually not the most reasonable or rational of feelings. He or she described themself as being paranoid, so obviously they realize that they might be worried about nothing.

Try convincing someone who's afraid of flying that the chances of something going wrong with their airplane is slim. You won't get anywhere.

And really, a "sad cliched excuse"? Someone's concerns and fears are now being called a sad and cliched excuse? An excuse for what, exactly? If they didn't like real headboards, they could just easily come out and say it. I'm totally sure they're just trying to cover up their lack of knowledge of hanging and securing methods by pretending to be concerned about earthquakes and what toll one might take on a person's hanging possessions. That makes sense.

You might read Shela's post and realize that there is some danger posed by hanging things above beds. It's not like this fear is totally unfounded.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Our Painted Headboard
10/4/08 09:28 AM

I guess I've always just loved educational reading. Most of the books in my home library are along the lines of encyclopedias and atlases (my all time favorite book as a child was this huge feline book that outlined their evolution, habitats, diets, anatomy, instincts, etc.) So whenever a classmate turns to me and tries to elicit an agreement that the reading for that day's class was boring I think they're absolutely crazy.

I can see some appeal in the Kindle, given how easy it makes obtaining and storing reading material, but I'll always prefer the material to be in book form. If I didn't have room for my books (like if I were living in a tiny apartment) I might consider getting it and limiting my buying of actual books to the ones that I particularly loved, but I'm fortunate enough to have plenty of room.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Why Libraries are Back in Style Wall Street Journal: 09.12.08
9/12/08 01:35 PM

"when did books/libaries go out of style?" -meredith

I'm eighteen, and it seems like hardly anyone in my generation reads for pleasure. Most of my peers even complain about reading assignments for school. Pull up a random Myspace page and chances are the field for listing favorite books will have something like "I DNT READ MUCH LOL" written in it. Any literature professor will tell you kids aren't reading these days. Whenever I go to the local town library the patrons I see are generally elderly people.

Personally, I've been lucky enough to have grown up in a house where the living room had been converted into a home library. We didn't have cable, so naturally I turned to books for entertainment.

For me, a home library is absolutely for reading books in! Comfortable seating is a must and lots of natural light is a perk. Reading has always been such an enriching experience for me, so I find it incredibly sad that the pastime is dying out.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Why Libraries are Back in Style Wall Street Journal: 09.12.08
9/12/08 01:19 PM

I like the brown the most. If that wasn't a choice, I'd go with one of the darker blues. Pink can look really nice in bathrooms, too, but I don't really like that shade pictured and the color tends to be something that you really need to commit to.

In any case, I hope Evan's able to decide on something that he truly loves!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Bathroom Color Choice: What Do You Think?
9/10/08 08:46 AM

"Differences do matter. You may look down on me because I am not a vegan with plastic shoes, but don't tell me I've wholly abdicated all sense of right and wrong because I occasionally eat animal products, or have a cat and don't live in a palace, with an adjacent forest."

Wait, so it's not okay for me, a vegan, to look down on you, but it's okay for you, someone who financially supports animal cruelty, to look down on the owner of this fish?

Again, this is akin to someone who abuses their child criticizing another parent's disciplinary techniques. Yes, that parent may be using bad disciplinary techniques, may have raised a spoiled brat because they don't discipline at all, but to have the full on out child abuser criticize them for that? It's just ironic.

We live in a society where people do not value the lives of animals. We occasionally make exceptions for animals kept as pets, but is that logical? Furthermore, is a fish really on the same level as a dog? Why would you expect someone to have a large tank for a pet fish when you yourself may very well consume fish that was raised in a horrible environment? Is the fish's status as pet what makes it worthy of deserving good living conditions? Is that distinction alone all that matters to you?

I'm not one for religion, but this passage from the Bible rings true here. "First remove the beam from your own eye, and then you will see clearly enough to remove the speck from your brother's eye." -Matthew 7:5

And despite being a vegan, I wasn't going to comment on the small size of this vase as a fish bowl, I was going to complement the terrarium. I've been able to realize that as long as our society doesn't value animal life, I can't expect people to care. Why should I expect them not to keep a fish in a small bowl when they consume animal products? And really, shouldn't everyone be left alone to live as they please?

Blatant animal abuse will always be something I'll object to, but keeping a fish in a small bowl or a cat in a small apartment doesn't warrant it. If making a fuss over something as insignificant as this makes you feel better, then please carry on. Just keep in mind that, on a whole, you are doing very little to stop animal cruelty.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Joel's Savoy Vases
7/15/08 10:00 AM

"Everyone who is posting negative things about the size of this betta bowl should remember this next time they order sushi..."

That's actually a very good point. I don't see why people who don't care about animals used for foods (which, more often then not, are treated very poorly) get so up in arms when it comes to animals kept as pets. Is there a huge difference between that salmon on your plate and that fish in your tank?

I'm a vegan, having come to the conclusion that animals shouldn't be treated poorly. But if you are unable, by your own logic, to come to the same conclusion, isn't it reasonable to say that you shouldn't care so much about how pets are treated? It's a cop-out to only care about maltreatment when it's sitting in front of you.

The way I see it, if you're still eating animal products that don't come from cruelty free sources (which are very hard to verify), then you really have no leg to stand on. It's akin to a someone who abuses their child criticizing another parent's disciplinary techniques.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Joel's Savoy Vases
7/15/08 04:33 AM