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I am also using the European model for more than 2 years now, it makes better tart dough and bread dough compared to my Kitchenaid. I use it very often for making salads, grating and slicing. It is true that the smallest cup isn't small enough and make splashes, which end up dirtying the larger bowls. When I first started using it I had difficulty with the cover piece and after 2 years I had to replace it because some little pieces got broken and cover has to click to get the mixer started. I've never used the citrus press, since I've never achieved to make it work properly. And for previous comment about not being dishwasher safe, I didn't know that :) and I am washing it in the dishwasher since I bought it and so far no problems.

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6/6/12 08:11 AM

I think they bring bad luck in the house.

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10/7/11 06:09 AM

This is the Turkish version, http://www.anatolianhouses.com.tr/en/index.html

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7/28/11 07:09 AM

I am the "cleans before the maid comes in type" because I don't want anybody to change or rearrange the place of my stuff. So besides from the cleaning, tip #1 is the thing I try to avoid.

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7/21/11 04:39 AM

Here are few more other sites: http://www.cinici.com.tr/?gclid=CKjhjqiuiqoCFdAn3wodU2Kg1A

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7/18/11 03:27 AM

fennel is called arab's hair in Turkey and people usually cook it with lamb meat which end up looking like this
or like this
we also mix it with other greens and cook it with olive oil and some onion, fennel gives it a very nice taste. Some people cook it with some olive oil and add eggs which look like this.

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3/19/10 07:31 AM

i have this recycled bottle, an im using this as private cheese servers, looks much better that way.

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8/12/09 08:35 AM

I use ikea remote control pocket.

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4/3/09 08:34 AM

I finally tried it, I cant wait to see the results. You can look at the pictures in here http://www.flickr.com/photos/cinchin/ and you can look at the recipe I've given from here, although you may not understand it because its Turkish. www.cinchin.com . I will report the taste in 2-3 months!!! Thanks.

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2/11/09 07:33 AM

Maras is a city which is popular with its icecream, the famous shop MADO's name came from that Maras and Dondurma, but there are nicer local producers.
Here is a recipe from
1 kg. milk
250 gr. sugar
3 gr. salep
1 packet vanilin
first mix salep, sugar and vanilin together, add all these slowly in warm milk and continue warming in medium heat.
After it started being creamy contiue boiling it 40-45 minutes. Watchout so it doesnt stick to pot. After 45 minutes take the mix from heat and let it cool than put it in the freezer. note:the picture of the icecream is yellow because blogger used salep more than she should.

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8/28/08 04:51 AM

we use this a lot in turkey especially agean area. We put them in a water an change it at least to times because they are very salty, we boil them take the strings out than we serve them with yogurt and garlic, or we just put olive oil and garlic on top of them. it is served with fish as an appetizer.

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7/15/08 03:32 AM