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finally made this. my goodness, it was good! used the full amt of mint and lemon, and also threw in some asparagus for extra springyness. the leftovers were good, too! the rice soaked up a lot of broth, but it made for a perfect hardy lunch. thanks for the recipe!

Spring Recipe: Lemony Spring Soup with Peas & Rice
4/1/12 02:11 PM

It's funny how many things I thought were "normal" growing up, only to later find out so many people haven't even heard them! We always had a butter lamb at our Easter table (my family is Polish-Catholic as well), along with a lamb-shaped cake covered in coconut frosting and a different butter plate made from two sticks of butter cut and reassembled in the shape of a cross with cloves placed where the nails would have been. Though I'm not religious and don't have an Easter table of my own, I still love the tradition and the idea of molded butter generally. A note to those who think hacking up and eating Jesus imagery is weird: in my family, anyway, it represented the sacrifice Jesus made by dying on the cross (which is remembered at Easter time), and eating it wasn't viewed as any weirder than the Catholic belief that the eucharist at mass is literally the body of Jesus.

Butter Lamb for Easter: Traditional or Wacky?
4/20/11 01:07 PM

i have had "pyt" stuck in my head for about four days now. i need to hear the song (on vinyl, of course) to get it unstuck. help, please!!
(thanks for the giveaway.)


Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: My Record Collection II - Michael Jackson
7/2/09 05:02 PM

Yes, yes yes! The (other) king! I need, I need!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: My Record Collection I - Elvis Costello
6/26/09 07:03 PM

It is my understanding that they don't necessarily have to be cooked to remove the sting--grinding them will have the same effect. I enjoy nettles raw: just hold the nettle carefully so that your fingers don't touch the underside and roll into a cigar shape with the top of the leaf facing out. Slip it into your mouth and chew up all those vitamins. You'll notice that it kind of tastes like spinach. I've also used it raw prepared as a pesto in my food processor. Stinging nettles are something I think people get a bit too scared by--if you accidentally touch the underside of the leaf, I think you'll find the sting's not fact, I don't get stung at all, though my husband does. Anyway, I'd say that if you want to play it safe, just cook it and use it as you would spinach.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Good Question: What Can I Make With Stinging Nettles?
6/25/09 05:36 PM

I am also a huge fan of the cold-brew method (the recipe I use is from NYTimes via Smitten Kitchen.) Chilled hot-brewed coffee just tastes like skunk to me--like when your cup of coffee sits out too long. And cold brew doesn't need sugar (in my opinion) because it's got it's own light sweetness. I've even converted my non-coffee drinking husband to it!
--Julie at Chompsky

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | How To: Make Iced Coffee
6/24/09 04:05 PM

I also just made my first panna cotta this weekend--it was so easy and turned out so great that I couldn't believe I had never made it before! I immediately told everyone I knew about how sophisticated-yet-simple it is, and I now believe it to be the perfect dessert.

You can read about my (successful) attempt on my blog, which, believe it or not, the panna cotta inspired me to start:

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe: Rosewater Yogurt Panna Cotta with Blueberries
6/22/09 10:20 PM

I have been using tags in Google Reader for a while now, but I really disliked the fact that I couldn't search all tagged items if I didn't know which specific folder I wanted to search (for example, if I had a lot of blueberries and wanted to find all the recipes using them I'd tagged, I had to search each tag individually or search the whole reader, including recipes I hadn't tagged.) I'll admit, I'm a bit anal when it comes to organizing things as efficiently as possible. I tried so many other methods: printing recipes out, saving them to my computer, but nothing was as streamlined as I wanted...until just two days ago, I figured out a solution. I registered a blog with Wordpress and set it to be private (password-protected). I cut and paste the recipes I want to keep into quick blog postings, categorize them with any term I think will be useful, and put a "Search" widget into the sidebar. I'm so happy now! (In the words of Austin Powers: "Nerd Alert!")
--Julie (

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Kitchen Tech: Organize Recipes Using Google Reader
6/19/09 07:28 PM

i've learned that a clean wine bottle makes a decent rolling pin in a pinch...

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Quick Tip: How to Build a Make-Shift Cooling Rack
6/11/09 08:46 PM

I demand a poutine post!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | The Squeakier the Better: Cheese Curds The Cheesemonger
5/21/09 01:32 PM

Usually at Christmas I'm stressed out trying to do a million things in between gatherings and family obligations, so to get in some time with my (younger, under-25--but over 21 of course!) friends (who also have much family business this time of year) by having a sort of after-hours party, but classy-style, with just desserts and something boozy. This year, I'll be serving gluvine, spiked mulled cider, and coffee with various liqueurs for drinks, and for food, chocolate-ginger biscotti, homemade salted caramel squares, green tea shortbread cookies, and pumpkin-bourbon cheesecake (something for everyone, I hope!) We start late, and end even later. I love to entertain, and this way works great when things get hectic since almost all of it can be made a few days ahead of time (as long as I can hide the food from my family!)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: The Christmas Table by Diane Morgan
11/14/08 12:31 AM

can't wait to try out some of those slow-cooker cake recipes i've been hearing about lately!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: 7-Quart Slow Cooker from Calphalon
9/25/08 12:09 PM

the worst mess i've had to clean up wasn't on the floor, it was on the walls. do you really want to hear this? my husband and i took in a stray cat that followed us home one rainy night last winter, and he's a cute little bugger. he has respiratory problems, though, and sneezes a lot. we're getting ready to move, so we've been cleaning things up so the landlord can show our apartment (and attempting to remove all evidence of a cat, since we're not allowed to have one). that's when i noticed the weird brown stains on the white wall in the kitchen down by the floor, right above the cat's food bowl. i tried to use soap and water to take it off, but it wasn't going anywhere. then i realized what it was--dried cat snot. i tried using every "green" cleaner we have, but ultimately had to cave and buy a Magic Eraser. it worked--those things are, i believe, truly magical--but i still felt bad for introducing all those chemicals into our home.

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7/14/08 09:24 AM

maybe, just maybe, i'll be lucky today. please??

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in Red
7/14/08 08:39 AM