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I wouldn't buy the house, at all, period. You'd hate it so much it's not worth it. Keep looking, hold out for something in your price range that has better bones, even if it's a fixer-upper.

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Disguising a Living Room Furnace?
5/27/09 11:40 AM

I finally gave up on dish racks. Who really needs a permanent object to take up so much room? I just lay a towel on the counter next to the sink, and let the dishes dry on that. When everything is dried and put away, voila! Empty counter space!

Apartment Therapy New York | Dish Racks Up Off the Countertop
3/24/09 12:05 PM

I love the lamp in the first picture, anyone know what that is or where it can be obtained?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Inspiration: Hotel Sigtuna's Spare Simplicity
2/17/09 03:56 PM

If you go to the actual article, you can see he spent $9,000 on a coffee table (that looks like it came from IKEA) and $2,000 on a lamp. OUCH!

Apartment Therapy New York | Lessons From Miles Redd Domino Magazine, December 2008
11/28/08 11:38 AM

To tuckersmith -

I can't look up those particular bookcases right now since is blocked where I work, but if you're looking for something to last 10ish years I wouldn't buy Ikea. Ikea is made to be inexpensive, something that you can beat up for a few years and then replace.

Instead, I'd keep your eyes open for solid wood if possible. I'd watch Craigslist, people often sell entire bedroom sets, I'm sure one will come down the pike with a matching pair of dressers.

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread 3 Washington DC
9/29/08 08:47 AM

Unfortunately you just missed the DC Big Flea this past weekend. It runs a couple of times a year in Chantilly, here's the site:

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread 2 Washington DC
9/22/08 12:56 PM

I have a question for everyone - I want to get a piece of furniture for my office that can both store some books and also be used as a mail & bill pay station. So I found this storage cabinet at Office Depot, which seems like the kind of functionality I need.
I do like:
- the height (short=good, I want to be able to sort mail on top of it)
- the drawer

I don't like:
- the length - I was hoping for something a bit longer for a bit more book storage
- the quality - I'd be willing to spend up to ~$300ish to get a piece of decent quality, I'm not thrilled with the particle board/veneers level of quality.

Anyone have any ideas or know where I can get something like that?

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread 2 Washington DC
9/22/08 11:08 AM

Oops, I spoke too soon... I checked again and DC has it's own section rss feed now. Thanks.

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread #1! Washington DC
9/19/08 08:58 AM

Add me to the people who can't wait for the DC craigslist finds!

Also, is it possible for DC to get it's own section RSS feed on AT just like the other cities? I'd like to change my AT feed from general to DC-only, so I can get a more focused feed of stuff that applies to me. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread #1! Washington DC
9/19/08 08:54 AM

My problem seems to be with chronically ill pets. Every pet I've had, except one, has had some sort of a chronic health problem. Usually no behavioral issues, they are all very loving animals, so I don't want to give them up, but I'm really tired of taking care of sick things.

Examples: Growing up in another part of the country, we had two dogs that were the sweetest things ever, but one had chronic skin issues and one had chronic ear mites. We had to medicate them constantly. Now I live on my own out on the East Coast, and I've had cats with nothing but problems. One contracted a fatal neurological infection at a very young age. The other is the sweetest old gentleman you could ever ask for but he can't keep his food down, and I've tried plenty of "sensitive stomach" foods. I'm getting tired of cleaning up the vomit. I'm trying one last food before I give him up, which I will hate doing because I love him to pieces, but I can't do this anymore.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Pet Problems?
9/17/08 07:29 AM

Beautiful apartment. But seriously, keep your cats off the kitchen counters. That's unhygienic and, frankly, disgusting. I would never let my cats do that.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Adam's Cat-Haven Condo Washington DC
9/9/08 06:14 AM

Any older dog will work, as they will sleep a lot and not be very energetic. Just make sure they're docile and housebroken, and you'll have a wonderful animal. You can help them live out their golden years in cushy comfort.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Best Dogs for Apartment Living?
8/22/08 11:27 AM

I have seen something similar one here on the Home Depot website, was thinking about ordering one myself.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Where Can I Find This Woven Plastic Bin?
7/14/08 08:17 AM