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Besides eliminating the daily ironing I must do for work clothes, I ABSOLUTELY NEED this steamer to tackle my gorgeous WIENER WERKSTATTE curtains I have in my living room! They are way too long to take down and iron, so this steamer would be fantastic! Pretty please?

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9/12/08 07:29 AM

they look ridiculous and seem to be without function. the color of the underside wood just doesn't work in the context of this elegant, grey, black & white room.

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9/8/08 09:11 AM

it's throes, not throws

lovely place! where exactly is it though?

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8/27/08 08:50 AM

We had a similar situation in the living room of our NYC apartment except it was the 100x worse. Instead of the rigorous chore of sanding sanding sanding, we instead:

--applied a thick coat of plaster [spackle],
--before it dried we took a large car-washing size sponge and soaked it and then smoothed out the plaster
--after that dried [quite a while] we painted it

I'm convinced this is a lot easier than sanding and also better health-wise.

Good luck!!

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8/12/08 11:47 AM


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7/31/08 01:46 PM

Don't paint them! No no no! Warming up the tone would be good. It doesn't seem as dark as you've implied but have you thought about different lighting options, at least in the living room? It seems like you have just those awful spotlight ceiling lights which must make the whole light/dark contrast already present even harsher. Floor lighting in a corner facing upwards please.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Paint Just the Ceiling Trim?
7/31/08 10:22 AM

I am continually surprised at how frequently AT promotes stuff from West Elm while at the same time talking about green this green that. It has been well documented that they do not get their lumber from sustainable sources. And considering how cheaply made the stuff actually is and thus how short a life it has, buying from West Elm is the epitome of wastefulness.

IF AT had a genuine interest in promoting green living, which it seems to, there should be no promotion of those that are the worst offenders!

Apartment Therapy New York | Bookshelf Console from West Elm
7/31/08 10:17 AM

This is absolutely perfect! Perfect at showing how lame the New York Times is, that is. This is just further proof that the Times' obsession with poofy fluff pieces completely devoid of substance has reached an epic low.

Just like the sad fact that there is nothing special about this once great paper, there is absolutely nothing special about what was undoubtedly once a great apartment.

Frankly I'd expect more from AT. I saw the photo and thought it was a before shot! Sadly, no.


Apartment Therapy New York | Balancing Modern Decor in a Prewar Building The New York Times 7.27.08
7/28/08 10:47 AM

CRAIGSLIST!!! 100%!!! I recently had the same requirements [although an even lower ceiling $-wise] and managed to find an amazing mission-style desk on CL for $100. No Ikea, Target or Walmart [although that orange/white walmart desk I've seen posted on AT is pretty nifty, but for the slave labor, etc].

Be persisten in checking. I found the search terms "antique desk" the most useful.

Now if anyone can help me find a nice chair I would be grateful! CL hasn't helped me at all in that regard, but mostly because there are eight million chairs being sold...

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Where Can I Find An Inexpensive, Nicely Designed Desk?
7/25/08 09:31 AM

I have had the absolute worst luck with bagless vacuums. The filters always seem to get so clogged so fast that I end up not even being able to finish a small, uncarpeted room without having to use a q-tip of whatever to clean out every groove of the filter. I have changed the filter several times but it always does this so quickly.

I'm in the market for a new vacuum and I am quite confident I will not go with another bagless.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Buying a Vacuum: Why Choosing Green Still Sometimes Sucks
7/24/08 08:40 AM

Does anyone in the city know where the best flea markets are to find a nice chair to accompany a really nice mission-style desk I've just bought? I don't mind a chair on casters as long as there is no plastic involved. But a simple wooden chair with no arms would be fine too. I just want something that will be comfortable enough to survive through the next few months while I study for the LSAT!!

Are there any weekend flea markets on the UWS?

Apartment Therapy New York | Open Thread 655New York
7/22/08 07:53 AM

The idea that San Francisco is more walkable than NYC is a JOKE.

Apartment Therapy New York | How Walkable Is Your Neighborhood?
7/21/08 07:02 AM

I too am looking for a chair that I will be spending the next four years in studying for law school, but I'm totally dismayed at the complete lack of options. I don't want an IKEA chair (frankly I don't know why Patrick is recommended by almost every AT user!) but otherwise I'm really open--I'd take a dining room chair if it was comfortable!

But why can't I find anything decent looking and reasonably well made for around $100?

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Similar Desk Chair?
7/16/08 12:03 PM

The kitchen in my lovely NYC ground-floor brownstone apartment was the most dismal institutional yellow-green. It's a very dark room with very old dark wood, so I painted it pink and it is PERFECT. It is a very very pale, very warm pink.

The use of the overhead light is forbidden, so the warm light cast by a great Japanese hanging lantern makes the pink even warmer.

I think this is the key to using pink in decor--warm it up!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Painting The Kitchen PinkFrance
7/16/08 10:28 AM

I've just started to study for the LSAT and I'm 99% certain that this chair will help me get into law school. For the love of my future please give me this chair!!!!

Plus it will go so nicely with an amazing desk I just found.

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7/14/08 07:47 PM