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That's a closet? Jeez, here in NYC you could rent that out as a spare room.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What's In This Closet?
11/20/08 07:40 PM

I love the piping-as-coatrack idea but the books wallpaper seems a little forced to me. I'd rather have real books!

I do love Urban Outfitters though; one of the only places I can find clothes in my size. I find more and more stores are sizing for the increasingly overweight consumer and for those of us who keep trim, it's getting harder to find a good fit.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Retail Decor Inspiration: Urban Outfitters Part 2 of 2
11/12/08 03:04 AM

I felt her apartment re-design was cold and stiff. The "Luddite" version was described by Aleksandr Petrovsky as "warm and lovely" and I couldn't agree more.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Survey: Is Techie Carrie Bradshaw More Fashionable than her Luddite Counterpart?
9/11/08 01:54 PM

So much for doing more with less. This is the pinnacle of self-indulgent, shallow hyperconsumption. Seven gaudy palaces for a modern Medici. Says a lot about the man that he feels any one family needs or deserves seven luxury homes.

Apartment Therapy New York | Sen. John McCain's Seven Houses The Washington Post, 8.22.08
8/25/08 06:42 AM

A solution that's often employed to update sofas like these is to balance the feminine lines with a masculine upholstery. Perhaps a menswear-inspired tone-on-tone pinstripe in teal/navy or charcoal/slate would work? You could paint the frame in a contrasting color (light frame/dark upholstery or vice versa) to give it a tailored look and keep it fresh with vibrant throw pillows.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Help Me Upholster My New Sofa!Los Angeles
8/11/08 07:43 AM

I find a lot of CB2's stuff to fall under the category "good idea, inconsistent execution." Some pieces are great (Lunar Coffee table, Briar loveseat) others are somewhat...less great. For example, somebody asked about the photography floor lamp...stay away, that piece will break if you even look at it for too long.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Roundup: 8 Items from CB2's Fall Catalog for $199 or Less
7/13/08 03:57 PM