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I would go with the 93" Ikea Pax wardrobe. There are so many styles and configurations, it's easy to customize. You will also have room left on top for storage boxes/baskets. It's also easy to add additional units if you decide you need more space. Have you considered putting floating shelves above the "box", between the new wardrobe and the wall, to add more storage space?

Suggestions For Wardrobe In Small Apartment
Good Question

1/28/11 09:10 AM

I have an acrylic tub and it used to be very difficult to clean since you're limited to the types of cleaners you can use. I read somewhere (maybe on the manufacturer's website) that regular dish soap would work. I tried a bit of Dawn and the soap residue came right off. Now it's the only thing I use to clean my tub (and a few minutes with powdered dishwasher detergent once a month for the jets).

How To Get the Bathroom Spic and Span
12/7/10 05:09 PM

Your place is beautiful. Where did you find the bathroom sink and vanity. I love them!

Moe Ryan's Vintage Sunset Inspired HomeHouse Call | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/8/10 03:10 PM

I love your use of color. By the way, where do you keep all of your pet food and water dishes? I count four pets and two dishes. And the all important question for cat owners, where's the litter box(es)?

Small Cool 2010: Monique's Unique Petite Home Small Division # 8 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/12/10 10:46 PM

I just purchased the 7.5' half canopy umbrella for my narrow balcony and it works perfectly! Now we plan to buy the matching furniture set.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Problem Solver: Terrace Mates
5/14/09 02:30 PM

Where did you get the framed art in your kitchen? I love the yellow design.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool 2009: Gingerpop's Bargain HuntTiny Division #30
4/13/09 06:40 PM

I think it's a clever idea if it works for your cat. My large male cat does not believe in stepping out of the box, he leaps out tossing litter everywhere. I've tried regular boxes, tall rubbermaid bins, Litter Maid Deluxe, and even each in a custom made litterbox cabinet, which works well if you have the room. My cats tend to prefer the 15-16" tall rubbermaid bins. They currently have a Litter Maid in a custom cabinet that's way to big for my new condo. My husband and I have decided to convert our coat closet to a litterbox closet, which will also have shelves to house the vacuum, cat supplies, and cleaning supplies. This will also free up some cabinets elsewhere. We plan to install a kitty door through the wall leading into the closet. There's a gap under the door, so hopefully there's enough ventilation. We'll see how it works out!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! Katie's DIY No Mess Litter Boxes
2/23/09 03:19 PM

I really appreciate all of the great comments! We are currently looking into installing double French Doors between the spaces we want to use for a Den and Dining Area. I agree that comfort and function is the foremost priority, but we also want to keep the second bedroom in tact because it's an important resale point in our area. My husband is also finishing his MBA, so it's nice to have the option to "close" the space when he needs to study (but the French doors would let us open it up too).

I hadn't previously considered changing the direction that the rear or balcony door swings open - this could be a space saver. We love the idea of rotating the table and moving the it closer to the kitchen to allow room for another seating area with a couple comfy arm chairs.

We currently have a small bistro table to the side of the living room and a really big (92"x40") sofa in the living room and neither are working out. The biggest challenge will be removing the old sofa. I'm in a 3rd floor walk up and we had to hoist the sofa up the rear side of the building because it wouldn't fit up the stairs. Then we had to squeeze it through the 32" rear door. We couldn't bring it up the front stairs because of the angled front entrance.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Should We Use Our LR as a DR?
2/19/09 11:40 AM

I love the office. It looks perfect for two people. How could I duplicate the desk/file cabinet setup?

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7/12/08 09:58 PM