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Pick your favorite stuff now! Just kidding....kind of.

Most of it is in the dresser. I have rolling plastic bins under my bed for coats, sweaters, and purses/bags. I keep scarves in the yellow basket by the fireplace and shoes/belts in a shoe holder on the back of my bathroom door. It's a tight fit but it makes you shop smart!

Good luck!

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6/2/13 06:17 AM

I thought the same thing before I moved in. In fact, after I moved all my furniture in ( I initially had the bed/sofa locations switched and was using the bookshelves as a room divider), I realized that dividing up the space would close it up too much and block light from traveling to all corners of the room.

After this realization that I was truly living in one room and couldn't fake otherwise, I had a little mini freak-out. Not only did I have to make one room interesting enough that I wouldn't get board with it, I had to become okay with all parts of my life being exposed to visitors.

After living in this space 2.5 years, I've come to take that last realization as a metaphor to apply to the rest of my life. If there is something in my life that I'm trying to hide, I look at it and question why. Because of this I've thrown out a lot of collected junk (both physically and mentally) in the past few years and when I come across gems, I try to showcase them in an appealing way.

You come to really get to know yourself when you live in a tiny place. And you have to get comfortable letting others see it as well. Sorry for the ramble.... but it's been a fun journey and I love to share it! Thanks ME!

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6/1/13 11:23 AM

Thank you everyone for your votes! Any final questions before the polls close?

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5/31/13 12:12 PM

Thank you everyone for voting! It's been so amazing to see how far my apartment has gone! Please share/pin this with your friends in the coming days to get the vote out! You guys are awesome! I love my home and it's strange and surreal to see I'm not alone.


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5/19/13 08:01 PM

It is!

Emily's Brownstone Studio Small Cool Contest
5/17/13 11:12 AM

bludot.com! they have a lot of great modern stuff at relativity reasonable prices for such great design

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5/16/13 12:35 PM