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I recently moved to Manhattan with very little furniture of my own (air mattress, stool, bookcase). After two weeks of sparse living and researching just about every possible "man with a van" service on Craig's List, I decided to go with Eric's IKEA Delivery Alternative, in part because of all these positive remarks that have been circulated.

I had an unconventional request that included a large IKEA shopping trip (couch, wardrobe, bookcases, tables) and an additional stop at another apartment to pick up a bed, followed by hefting all of the above and more up five flights of stairs (and down a very narrow hallway) to my apartment.

I was worried about the whole process, being new to the city and post-college life, but as soon as I met up with Eric at IKEA, I could tell this was going to work out well.

As all of the previous individuals have said, Eric was conscientious, courteous, and responsible. He was prompt, efficient, and engaging to talk with, and he played great music on the drive. =)

I will absolutely recommend his service to friends -- and to all those who may be reading this and considering other options, look no further -- Eric is the preeminent IKEA delivery man in New York.


Apartment Therapy New York | IKEA Pickup Delivery by Eric
7/12/08 03:43 PM