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Great tips! My husband and I have been playing host frequently lately and I have one to add. Please be mindful of your host's work schedule. My husband works the 4 am shift and our guests are not always so mindful of this. We had one of our guest start cooking at 10 at night, which is not so great if your bedroom is shares a wall with the kitchen.

10 Tips for Being a Good Houseguest
3/16/11 04:45 AM

Citric Acid has proven to be an amazing cleaner! It works wonders on stainless steel pots and other dishes to make them clean and shiny in no time. It takes the rust out of pots without any scrubbing just shake a little powder in the bottom and boil with water on the stove.

Cleaning Secret Weapons
Reader Intelligence Report

1/4/11 04:04 PM

I think it would be much cheaper. Most vanities come as the base and thats it no sink, no faucet, no plumbing and usually no top either. So I think you did really well price wise here and as someone who has attempted tiling you did a great job especially with such small tiles. Great job it looks fantastic!

From Kitchen Island to Dual Sink Vanity Ikea Hacker | Apartment Therapy DC
6/23/10 10:41 PM

Thanks for the recipe! always nice to see recipes on here for those of us that prefer to eat gluten free and vegan. I consider myself to be health concious but I don't feel that means denying yourself. I think it means that you are smart about how often you choose to eat high carbahydrate and fatty foods.

Chocolate Cupcakes (Vegan! Gluten-Free!) & Coconut Icing | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/19/10 12:12 AM


I use frozen mango chunks it turns out great!

Step-by-Step Instructions for One-Ingredient Ice Cream | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/25/10 09:48 PM

Care2 has some wonderful uses for left over tea on their website

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How To Dispose of Used Coffee Grounds and Tea Leaves? Good Question
9/8/09 03:11 PM

I would imagine that the newspaper is omitted based on the fact that the ink varies from newspaper to newspaper. If the newspaper that you read is printed with vegtable based inks Im sure it would be fine. On the other hand that might also refer to the composting method perhaps the system that you're using can't break down the newspaper effectively

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | 75 Things You Can Compost: Who Knew?
9/4/09 04:14 PM


Yes I have had some problems in the past with waking up all stuffy and sometimes unable to breathe at night. The pillow protector that we bought with our pillows is the kind that the other poster was taking about. They are only $30 (canadian) and we had to buy them with the latex pillow to get the warrenty. They are not noticable at all when you sleep on them. You could always just give the case a try first to see if it helps you, maybe the $30 protecor is all you need. Personally you couldn't pay me enough to part with my new latex pillow

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Latex Pillows: Any Experience?
8/29/09 12:15 AM

Yes, I have one and it is fantastic! I have not had any problems with waking up in the night unable to breathe or feeling stuff up in the morning. They are also extremely comfortable and I have had no more neck pain since switching to one.

If you are interested we bought ours from Sleep country and we were allowed to return it as long as the plastic was not taken off. So we had the opportunity to try them and return them if they were not suitable.

The other great thing about the pillow is that you can get a 5 year warrenty with it if you buy the pillow protector.

Good luck and I hope this helped

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Latex Pillows: Any Experience?
8/27/09 03:48 PM

Hey it's your home go for it, just please keep it out of the guest bedroom.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Political Ephemera for the Home
1/12/09 04:26 PM

I have been using one of these composters for about a year along with vermicomposting. It works very well and produces nice compost quickly.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Green @ Home Project: The Bokashi Composter, update
7/12/08 10:39 AM