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I love the couch. To be honest we've only had it a couple of months so I can't say how it will stand the test of time, but so far it's been great. It's comfy and I haven't had any issues with the cushions. I personally like the fabric. It's different from just your average microfiber so it's got more character. It's a great mid century styled couch for a really good price. Be sure to catch it when it's on sale, then it's really worth it.

Nan and Michael's Craftsman Flat
House Tour

1/7/11 02:19 PM

About resurrecting the Bertoia chairs. We basically got some CLR and some scouring sponges and went to town on them getting rid of as much rust and loose paint as we could. Then we just spray painted them white all over with Anti-Rust white spray paint. Since they are inside they have held up very well.

Nan and Michael's Craftsman Flat
House Tour

1/6/11 04:58 PM

@ghunt actually, most of the artwork shown is not mine. we have our walls covered in art that inspires us.

@KJ26 I don't know the exact measurement, but it looks like the seat is only about a foot off the floor.

@lvdesignz i got it at Urban Outfitters

@BridgetteTaylor i'm not! still love seeing them!

@neennicole super comfy and big enough to spread out on!

Nan and Michael's Craftsman Flat
House Tour

1/6/11 12:29 PM

the rocking chair is great. it is really low to the ground though, so if you're sitting in it, you'll be there for awhile ;)

Nan and Michael's Craftsman Flat
House Tour

1/5/11 09:27 PM

hi everyone! thanks! i got the "health insurance" heart at Reform School which is right around the corner from me, but can also be found on etsy at

Nan and Michael's Craftsman Flat
House Tour

1/5/11 02:47 PM

i have 2 offices, one where i keep all of my supplies and giant printer, and the dining room where my work table is.

Dining Tables As Desks
9/24/10 07:50 PM

i love cottage chic - i really want to decorate my craftsman apartment in that style - thanks so much for the ideas!

Cottage Chic: 10 Casual and Comfortable Homes | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/2/10 01:31 AM

wow - there's a lot of silverlake resident haters on here. just because i'm a white artist who wears glasses automatically makes me a hipster eh? keep on hating then.

Goodbye Silver Lake — Similar Neighborhood in Chicago? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/2/10 02:25 AM

wow this place looks a lot like my apartment! i even have a similar built in cabinet painted white. We are always "decorating" our space. since we don't have a lot of money to spend on furniture most of what we have are hand me downs and craigslist finds. it makes for a fun eclectic mix of furniture that actually really works.

good luck! you're going to love the place!

Furniture for 1920s Craftsman Dining Room?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/30/10 08:33 PM

i'm just jealous you found that for $150

Thoughts on a Plycraft Chair Makeover? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/18/10 07:13 PM

...i mean at ikea....

A Pop of Color Using Books In The Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles#comments#comments
11/23/09 07:31 PM

i got it ikea!


A Pop of Color Using Books In The Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles#comments#comments
11/23/09 07:21 PM

tooting my own horn here:
i make art (and you guys have featured it here!)

other artists i love:

and for gorgeous jewelry:

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Roundup: Our Favorite Etsy Stores — And Tell Us Yours!
9/24/09 02:22 PM

thank you so much for featuing my "keep calm and type on" print! i love apartment therapy and it is an honor to see my work here.


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Typewriter Prints
9/10/09 12:33 AM

i want an ork poster so badly. actually i want 2. a boston one and an LA one.

Apartment Therapy DC | Roundup: Grown-Up Posters
9/1/09 02:42 PM

this film was so well designed for a dude comedy. i couldn't believe my eyes! also loved the silverlake sunset junction establishing shots!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | On the Set: I Love You, Man
8/31/09 12:09 PM

i'm always in awe of people who can create light so realistically on the canvas.

Apartment Therapy New York | Paintings of Home Interiors by Nick Patten
8/14/09 10:20 AM

gregory if you see a tall girl with frizzy blonde hair and thick buddy holly glasses that's probably me ;)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 10 Design Destinations in Silver Lake
8/3/09 01:23 PM

marie antoinette fascinates me, i love the glamor and femininity of her style and her legend. great idea for a "house tour!"

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: Marie Antoinette's Petite Trianon
8/3/09 01:01 PM

fantastic article, i live in silverlake as well and have only had the pleasure of visiting about half of these locations! i used to walk by the maltman house every morning until i just recently moved down the hill and closer to intelligentsia. thanks again, can't wait to check all these places out!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 10 Design Destinations in Silver Lake
8/1/09 12:31 AM