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Similar to NPs' "trendy" graphic work, this home's overall look seems way to staged. Almost like they have been studying catalogs on interior design way to much. However, the overall construction and materials used for the building seem solid and of quality. A nice place that could use more personal
style and less "designy-ness".

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: Chuck and Holly's High School Home
2/11/09 11:37 AM

A great size space to work with, and she seems to have an eye for quality materials. However, the mish-mosh feeling from warm to cold, artsy and then back again to minimalism seems a little unsure of what the overall intended direction was trying to be. The space is kind of dark overall and the word "modern-kitsch" comes to mind when looking for a term to describe this aesthetic. A great "first" project, sure, but maybe time and more experience will help fine tune her vision.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Katherine's Starry-Eyed TriplexNew York
7/28/08 01:54 PM

Absolutely serene, agreed. Especially the bedroom; but the various lighting styles seems disjointed and distracting.
The wall mounted sconces are great, but maybe get rid of the floor lamp and put in a modern ceiling fan. A big, bright painting above the bed might bring more personality in as well. Just some thoughts.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Olde Bell Inn: Traditional Meets Modern
7/11/08 11:45 AM

Red is passion...for beautiful design.

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7/11/08 11:38 AM