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I made a couple a few years ago just by using some wood I had laying around (or you could buy the size you want from the hardware store) and staining it, then mounting coat hooks from the hardware store on it. Just figure out where the studs in your wall are and mark lightly on the wood so you know where to drill, then just screw it to the wall. Super cheap and easy.

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12/5/08 01:21 PM

These guys have all kinds of display cases & will build custom ones:

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11/14/08 04:34 PM

rat infestations, drug dealers in the building, loud nightclubs on the ground floor, giant slumlord management.

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10/9/08 05:25 AM


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9/18/08 08:22 AM

unbelievable. disgusting.

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9/11/08 09:01 AM

We used Oz to move a month ago. Fast, hard workers, nice guys, overall a great job & I would recommend them. I would however recommend packing any artwork yourself, as they seemed not too concerned about protecting it, etc. Of the art that they packedthe glass broke on one frame & a couple others got some scrapes on the frames. Other than that though, they were great. & they came in under estimate!

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8/29/08 06:10 AM

A few years ago Philippe Starck made a trashcan almost exactly like that for Target.

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8/29/08 06:06 AM

I wonder if this record player has any type of external output on it, so it can be run into a stereo, or if you have to rely on the built in speakers, which probably don't sound too good. I'd be very interested to find out...

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8/27/08 11:49 AM

What's that thrift store on Valencia & 17th (or somewhere around there)? When I was moving from San Francisco they picked up pretty fast. (maybe 24 hours or less.) They let you choose what charity the proceeds from your stuff goes to too!

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8/26/08 01:11 PM

Great! Found it. Thanks. That sucker costs a pretty penny!

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8/21/08 09:16 AM

Nice. Anyone know where that beautiful red apple print is from?

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8/21/08 09:00 AM


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