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Id paint the back wall a really bright color that goes well with the YELLOW lamp. And then paint the INSIDES of the cabinets a color, or wallpaper them.

Then paint just the tops, bottoms and inside wall of those shelves on the end, so that the white trim shows on the outside.

Get a colorful rug to match the color of the wall, and get some kitchen appliances/accesssories that would sit on the surfaces.

I am dying to have a completely white kitchen so i can paint the wall robins egg blue, have some dark blue vases, and then contrast it with my red appliances.

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9/22/09 03:58 PM

i live in a 600sf apartment on the third floor with no access to an outdoor type of grill. I miss that charcoal grilled flavor of outdoor bbq. How do I achieve that same taste indoors on my stove?

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7/11/08 12:29 PM

worst mess ive ever made: i store my rice in a plastic togo food container on top of my fridge. and i dunno if you know much about sand and how it likes to travel with you. well rice is the asian mans sand.

one day i was in the fridge doing my biz and it decided to fly off the fridge and onto the floor! it exploded into every tiny crack humanly possible. there was rice under the fridge, in the fridge, under the sink, in my socks... EVERYWHERE. so i just charged up our dirty dust buster and sucked that stuff rightttttttt up. SORTA. I still find rice stuck to my socks to this day...... =(

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7/11/08 11:00 AM

me too me too. haha.

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